Beautiful Places to See in Shimla For Couples

Shimla, the beautiful hill town derives its name from “Goddess Shyamla”, who is believed to be a manifestation of Goddess Kali. Endowed with copious nature beauty, cool & cheery climate and just right & romantic ambiance, Shimla is also a favorite destination of newlywed couples. Continue reading Beautiful Places to See in Shimla For Couples

Colonial Places to See in Shimla

During their stay in India, Britishers left numerous good and bad impressions on Indian culture. They did some commendable jobs which the world cherishes till date and people come here to witness them from all over the world. Britishers established and developed many places which are placed on the world heritage list today. In the northern Indian state, Himachal Pradesh, they had one favorite place which they called Simla (now Shimla).


The ambiance of this place did not let the Britishers go from here easily and they established their summer capital here. It is said that they organized this town in such a manner that it gave them the feeling of “London”. The very famous “Mall Road” still witnesses many buildings having a remarkable touch of European architecture. Most exciting places to see in Shimla includes Mall road, which is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. People enjoy roaming here without the hassle of vehicles. Especially the evening time is worth watching when entire Mall road becomes loaded with people.

Whenever you search for Shimla on internet or read any book mentioning it, one thing which has become a symbol for Shimla is the glowing golden Cathedral Church on the famous “Ridge” ground. This Church looks magnificent during night. Shimla is now excessively crowded but it managed to retain its glory during night hours. Night life is not “in” here and there is deadly silence on the Mall road after 10 pm. Only the tourists willing to see the beauty of city can be spotted rarely.

Places to see in Shimla are beautiful in all seasons. In summers people from plains come here to get rid of unbearable heat. Scenery during the rainy season is breathtaking. The lush green valleys and fog at this time of the year makes you feel like being in heaven. Winter in this hill station has its own charm. People visit from far off places to witness snowfall, some of them had never seen it ever. Well, they get to see it only if they are lucky enough. The panoramic view of snow laden hills, look awesome. You can enjoy various kinds of winter sports here.

Noteworthy Places to see in Shimla you must visit

Nestled in the laps of the mighty Himalayas, Shimla is one of the most beauteous hill stations located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The hill-station is one of the most precious jewels, which is home to the most exotic natural vistas comprising snow-covered mountains, deep-down valleys, lush greenery and pristine breeze. The hill station has been the best place for leisure travelers and vacationers, who wish for a getaway from their monotonous life. Every bit of the region is drenched in the pool of beauty and charm that spellbinds every visitor with its very first look.

Talking about Shimla sightseeing, one can find various destinations worth a visit. From natural wonders to architectural masterpieces, you can experience a wide array of places of tourist interest that are the highlights of Shimla.  While the mall, the shopping hub of Shimla is the best place to bag some of the most awesome pahari paintings, caps, embroidered shawls and so on. Apart from this, you can also visit some of the most famous places to see in Shimla such as summer Hill, Gaiety theatre, Annandale, Jakhoo Hill, Glenn, Shimla State Museum.

Apart from this, the hill station is also home to some of the illustrious resorts and hotels that offer the most opulent services and facilities to their guests.  When it comes to unrivalled hospitality in Shimla, Toshali Royal View leaves no stone unturned. Known for its impeccable services and state of the art infrastructure, the resort offers the most luxurious and comfy stay in Shimla.