Searching for world-class hospitality at Hotel in Puri?

Apart from this spiritual wonder, many other historical monuments in and around Puri, cultural ambiance, bazaars and warm hospitality offered by the different five star deluxe and 4-star hotels can be experienced during the stay in Puri. Every year thousands of tourists make their visit to Puri to see this monument of eternal love and romance. To accommodate them with safe and cozy accommodation to this heavy tourist influx there are various hotels of different categories in a hotel in Puri offering world-class hospitality to the guests with a lot of recreational and business facilities. Continue reading Searching for world-class hospitality at Hotel in Puri?

Find Best Hotels in Puri that Fit Your Needs

Puri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Tourists from all over the world desire to visit the Jagannath temple least once in their lifetime, mostly Hindus. Now on wards city is including a number of exciting activities so that tourists can show more interest to stay here for a longer period. There are also lots of best hotels in Puri for you to choose from so you will never have a hard time finding a place to stay. Tourists have various preferences when it comes to hotel accommodations but there are various kinds of Puri hotels that you can choose from. You will surely find a hotel that will fit your needs and your preferences when it comes to accommodations. Continue reading Find Best Hotels in Puri that Fit Your Needs

Hotel in Goa: Amalgamation of Comfort and Luxury

With a hospitality industry ofGoa tourism has burgeoned with commendable rapidity, smart accommodation facilities which offer savvy travelers, a comprehensive of modern amenities all help to enhance your stay to make a memorable holiday. Continue reading Hotel in Goa: Amalgamation of Comfort and Luxury

Looking For Budget Hotels in Goa Candolim?

Visiting Goa? Coming from overseas? Interstate? Or looking for a local getaway? Then why not visit Candolim Beach – a beautiful coastal suburb that epitomizes the sun, surf and sand lifestyle, whilst only being a short 45-minute drive from the airport. Situated in the northern area of Goa, Candolim beach offers its visitors a vast selection of entertainment, relaxation, food, music, and accommodation. Continue reading Looking For Budget Hotels in Goa Candolim?

Puri Hotel Booking is Now Affordable

Online booking has been the latest trend nowadays recognizing the fast and smooth transaction. You do not need to go directly to the hotel just to book for your room. If before, you can only book once you arrive in that place, now it is getting better. You can plan ahead of time and have more preparations prior to your vacation. Since it is becoming more and more popular, online booking finds a reason to give more affordable rates due to the competition. With many hotels are going online, it is now easy to determine which give the best offer in terms of the amenities, services, and rates. Continue reading Puri Hotel Booking is Now Affordable

Shimla Honeymoon Package: Dream Place for Couples

Earlier known as Syamala while an erstwhile state of Nepal, Shimla, now the capital of Himachal Pradesh emerged as a major tourist destination with the British rule in 1819. Cool weather, colonial era infrastructures, elegant streets, snowy mountains, and wonderful lakes make it a favourite place for honeymooners.

Shimla, with its striking beauty and salubrious climate, serves as a perfect getaway for people living in plains. It also boasts of being a major travel & tourism destinations in Himachal Pradesh. From adventure point of view, Shimla is a dream place for golfers, trekkers, skiers and the most important for couples.

Shimla Honeymoon

Shimla honeymoon package can be one event of your life that you will never forget. When you will explore this picturesque hill town you will have a wonderful moment to steal some romantic moments together with your life partner. Fantastic nature beauty, cheery climate and old-world charm will create truly a romantic ambiance for your honeymoon celebration in this town. When you will take your beloved to this picture-perfect hill amidst towering snow-capped Himalayan ranges, surrounded by lovely lakes and lush green pastures, you will never resist yourselves falling in love with extreme nature beauty. Besides fantastic nature beauty, you and your spouse will also have a wonderful opportunity to lots of tourist attractions on Shimla tour and travels.

Jakhoo Hill, Jakhoo Temple, Summer Hill, Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Viceregal Lodge, Tara Devi Temple, Kali Bari Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Himachal State Museum, Chadwick Waterfalls, Glen, Kamna Devi Temple, Dumgir Buddhist Temple, etc are some major attractions you will love to visit & explore on your romantic trips and travels. On your Shimla honeymoon package,you will also love to make an excursion to some nearby picturesque places such as Chail, Kasauli, Kufri, Naldehra, Rampur, Renuka Lake, Tattapani, etc. Besides these, on Shimla tour for honeymooning vacation, you will also love to relish some adventure & sports. In short, Shimla is the right destination for honeymoon vacation in India.

Bhitarkanika National Park: A Lesser-Known Weekend Gateway

If you are a wildlife enthusiast you may have heard of Bhitarkanika National Park. Or if you live in some specific cities of Odisha, you may have known of it as a weekend gateway. But mostly Bhitarkanika is not a popular name amongst tourists.

What is Bhitarkanika?

Bhitarkanika is one of the many National Parks in India that stands out for is its crocodile population. The island is basically a delta for the river Brahmani and hence full of small channels and streams of water. This suits perfectly to the lifestyle and breeding of crocodiles. And so it’s a great place for reptile lovers. Of course, one can expect a variety of birds as well given the perfect eco-system of an island.

Bhitarakanika national Park

Where is Bhitarkanika?

Bhitarkanika National Park is located near the coast of Odisha, around 200 km from Bhubaneshwar. The nearest railway station is Bhadrak which is well connected by train to all major cities of the eastern side of India.

When is the best time to visit?

Winter season is the best time to be there. The crocodiles go into hibernation mode with little to no activity. This means they spend most of their day lying on the mud at the bank of the canals, leading to the better sighting of the animal. This is also the time for many migratory birds arriving at Bhitarkanika, which can be a treat for bird lovers. Apart from that tourists can visit the park all around the year. Rainy season can be unpleasant and recommended to avoid.

How to reach there and where to stay?

As you can guess, Bhitarkanika National Park doesn’t have many hotels. There are only a few private hotels and forest lodges. You can plan with Toshali International tour packages, who provides best-staying options along with wild parktour for your weekend vacations. The hotels like Toshali Pushpagiri and Toshali Ratnagiri are the nearest best luxury hotels provided by Toshali International for you.

Chilika Lake: The Perfect Example of Enhanced Natural Beauty

Chilika Lake located on the beachfront of the Bay of Bengal on Odisha offers idyllic and panoramic scenery, especially for birdwatchers. It will not be wrong to say that it is a paradise for birders. Chilika is winter stop-over of the migratory birds and thus during the season, many exotic and beautiful bird species can be spotted here. The combination comprising the landscape of the region is simply gorgeous with the chirping of birds, aquatic serenity studded with tiny islands and overlooking hills. The sunrises and sunsets enhance the beauty of the arena and make it one of the most beautiful spots in Odisha. If you have plans of discovering the real Odisha, then this spot must be there in your bucket list.

Top Attractions at Chilika Lake

  • Chilika Lake is one of the largest eco-system, supporting exotic flora and fauna. This makes the place perfect for enjoying a variety of wildlife along with beautiful scenic islands and locations.
  • Dolphin Point– Who does not love dolphins. They are the most wonderful creatures and friendly too, overloaded with cuteness. At Chilika Lake you can catch glimpses of these cute creatures. The endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, which are spotted at only 2 Lagoons in the world, can also be spotted here along with the bottle-nosed dolphins.
  • Satpada– At this spot, witness the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Chilika Lake. The panoramic is one of the best sights to behold. Dolphin Point is very near to Satapada and boating activity is offered by the Dolphin Motor Boat Association.
  • Nirmaljhara Island– one of the major picnic spot amidst the brackish water lagoon, Nirmaljhara has mythological significance as it is believed to be connected to Lord Vishnu. A stream flows out of the image of Lord Vishnu which is known as Nirmaljahara.
  • Sankunda Island– Shankh or Breakfast Island- these are the nicknames given to Sankunda Island. Rich floral species can be found at this spot.
  • Bird Island– It is a major spot which is visited by thousands of bird species and thus is an important hub for bird watchers. Rare herbs, trees, creepers, and shrubs comprise the bio-diversity of Bird Island and white granite rocks are among the special attractions.
  • Apart from these Tara Tarini Temple, Mangalajodi, and Kali Jai Temple are other popular attractions.

Looking for a Resort in Goa That Provide Customize Solutions?

Are you in the midst of planning a vacation to the Goa? There are many reasons to consider a vacation to the land that make up this beautiful country and there are thousands of miles of beach in pristine condition that are filled with white sand to lay out upon, as well as many others. Continue reading Looking for a Resort in Goa That Provide Customize Solutions?