Ratnagiri Hotels that offers the most luxurious accommodation

Ratnagiri is one of the most famous sites of a mahavihara, or major Buddhist monastery, in the Jajpur district in the state of Odisha. Today Ratnagiri stands as a vital Buddhist site of attractions known as the Orissa Buddhist Circuit along with Pushpagiri University, together with Lalitgiri and Udayagiri. It is highly visited by Buddhist pilgrims and travelers who wish to explore the religious aura that Ratnagiri embraces. To make your visit a more memorable one the Ratnagiri hotels offer some of the most astounding services to travelers.

Apart from being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Ratnagiri hotels are perfect blend of plushness and comfort. Each traveler can find space as per their variegated needs at the hotels & resorts in Ratnagiri. Catering to the ever-changing need of travelers, Toshali Ratnagiri is one such resort that offers the finest of Ratnagiri Accommodation to vacationers. The resort is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that has lined up all the latest amenities & facilities for their esteemed guests. The resort boasts well-built elegant rooms that offer alluring décor, ample space, plush interiors and modern fittings. Moreover, the generous staff members are always there to cater to each and every need of travelers and offers round the clock room services. While being here you will never have to halfway house with your comfort.

So if you really wish to visit some of the unexplored destinations that house ultimate serenity, then nothing else can beat up Ratnagiri. A paradise for every tourist, Ratnagiri is a must visit for every traveler in Odisha.


Places to visit in Shimla that you simply can’t afford to miss

Shimla is the dream land for travelers whether it be family vacationers, newlyweds, honeymooners, adventure seekers or nature lover. The beautiful hill station has always been a top destination that every vacationer wishes to spend their holidays in the most exultant manner. The hill station is home to some of the most mesmerizing places of tourist interest that pulls in travelers from the farthest corner of the world.

The snow-covered mountains, lush green valleys, serene environs and dense forests explain much about Shimla and its natural beauty. The hill station that attracted nature lovers ever since the colonial times is one of the most visited hill-station in the northern part of India. One can find numerous famous ancient buildings and monuments that are a paradigm of the architectural magnificence of the British times. While the famous Shimla state Museum is a perfect place to take a ride back to the ancient times and experience what Shimla was like. The museum houses an array of articrafts, paintings, ancient Stone Age tools, Wood & stone work, etc. moreover you can also head on to the shopping hub of Shimla, the Mall and take home some of the most famous embroidered garments, shawls, paintings as souvenirs. Some of the other noteworthy places to visit in Shimla are Summer Hill, Ridge, Annandale, Tara Devi, Jakhoo Hill, etc.

You can find numerous resorts nearby Shimla that offers the perfect accommodation option to travelers and enables them to stay nearby all the major attractions of Shimla. Toshali Royal View Resort is one such name that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury and comfort.

Puri hotels: Every vacationer’s paradise

The city of Puri is one of the most sought after destination in Orissa where one can find numerous holidaying opportunities on a single landmass. Since the city embraces numerous hues that beguile travelers to travel to this pious city located in the state of Orissa. From ancient temples, splendid beach culture, shrines, natural serenity to finest accommodation facilities, the land has it all under one roof for travelers. One can find various Luxury hotels in Puri that promises the most comfy stay in Puri. These hotels are dotted in different parts of the city and are the best place to enjoy a home like comfort in the sacred city called Puri.

Toshali sands Resort is one of the prominent names in the list of the famous Puri hotels & resorts. Situated nearby the famous attractions in Puri, the resort is truly meant for travelers who simply cannot part ways when it comes to luxury and comfort. To meet the ever-changing needs of travelers, the resort houses contemporary amenities as well as sophisticated facilities to provide the most epicurean staying experience to their esteemed guests. Some of the facilities offered here are multi-cuisine restaurant, Health & Fitness, Banquet Facilities, Panchkarma & Ayurveda and Weddings facilities. Moreover, to make your sojourn a lifetime experience, the resort also offers a visit to the famous Balighai Beach, which is the privately owned property of the resort.

So visit Puri and enjoy the best of accommodation at Toshali sands Resort and experience the most generous hospitality.

Make the best out of your holidays with Himachal Tourism

The land of Himachal Pradesh is outnumbered with numerous beguiling and splendid places that spellbind every spectator with the very first sight. The beauteous land that lies in the laps of the Himalayas continue to beguile travelers from the farthest corners of the world and enables them to rejoice in their very own way with Himachal Tourism. So welcome to this delightful land and experience the most amazing vacations.

One of the most famous hot-spot of Himachal Pradesh is its capital, Shimla. The famous hill-station is adorned with lofty snow-covered mountains, beguiling pristine environs, deep down valleys and immense natural beauty that nature has itself showered over Shimla. Apart from this, it is also home to some of the most wonderful architectural monuments, masterpieces and religious place that are visited by numerous tourists who are on their Shimla sojourn. Some of the far-famed Shimla attractions are the Mall, Ridge, Shimla State Museum, Gaiety theatre, Jakhoo Hill, Annandale, Summer Hill and so on. These places are truly an epitome of natural magnificence and material peace, both of which will take away all your stresses and burdens. So what are you still waiting for? Get down to Shimla and make your holidays the most memorable part of your life with Shimla.

When it comes to finest accommodation, Hotels in Shimla leaves no stone unturned. The land is home to a wide array of resorts and hotels that offer the most luxurious and comfy lodging facilities to travelers on this awesome landmass called Shimla.

Accommodation in Goa for Holidaymakers

Goa is a fantabulous land for travelers where they can enjoy a lifetime holidaying experience. The land has got numerous striking opportunities for travelers that will make your eyes pop out of your head. The land is the perfect vacationing package that represents numerous noteworthy attractions and finest Accommodation in Goa. So whether you are on your romantic getaway, planning for a family vacation, heading out for weekend getaway with friends or on the way to promote your business, Goa has got all. So it’s time to challenge the confinement of your rooms and explore the land of Goa.

Goa beaches are one of the best places where you can bask each day of your stay beneath the shades of the palm trees and enjoy a walk along the beach where the feel of the cool running water will wash away all your city blues. Known for their pristine water & serenity as well as popular flea markets, the Goa beaches are the perfect place to be for those on their sojourn. During your stay at the Hotels in Goa, you can also check-out the famous churches & chapels of Goa as well as ancient forts that boast the magnificence of the artisans. And, if you are in the mood for some jubilatory then enjoying a beach party is going to be a lifetime experience for you.

So whatever plans you have, just take Goan route and enjoy the best vacation ever. And, if you are unable to halfway house with your luxurious needs, then Goan Village Resort is the best place to book your stay.

Explore the tranquility of the Buddhist Circuit area with Toshali Ratnagiri Resort

Toshali Ratnagiri Resort is a renowned resort that caters to the accommodation needs of travelers on the go. Located in the most serene and tranquil environs that embraces spiritual aura, i.e., the Ratnagiri Buddhist Circuit, it is one of the best places to book your stay in Orissa. The resort leaves no stone unturned when it comes to unbeatable hospitality and services. The 3-star property is applauded for its excellent customer service and finest hospitality that leaves an impression of the generous hospitality of the state of Orissa.

Ratnagiri Resort Orissa introduces you to plush accommodation in the form of its elegantly built & fully furnished rooms. Equipped with all the sophisticated & latest amenities, the resort is a perfect blend of comfort & luxury. Moreover, the round the clock room services enable one to bask some of the most lavish days of their stay in the Buddhist Circuit region.

The resort also owns a multi-cuisine restaurant that is the loved by foodies. The fully air-conditioned restaurant offers the most toothsome delicacies to guests and that too in traditional utensils. In addition to this, the resort also offers banquet facilities to travelers to make their D-day a memorable one and strives to meet their exact requirements from decoration to food. Some of the other facilities that the resort has lined up for the travelers are Conference Hall, Health Club as well as Car Parking facility. Moreover, being supported by an active transport network, one can reach out to the other famous places of the state and get back to their comfort Zone for some relaxation and comfort.


Accommodation in Shimla for every voyager

Shimla Hotels are located amidst the most awesome views of the snow-covered mountains, pleasant climate and lush greenery, each of which are perfect for spending holidays surrounded by the most bewitching beauty that embraces pristine environs. Honeymooners can enjoy the most romantic getaway of their life at this beautiful hill station. Whereas, adventure freaks can avail the best accommodation in Shimla and enjoy a thrilling sojourn by indulging into activities such as trekking, rock & mountain climbing, river rafting, paragliding etc.

Whether it’s the natural beauty that attracts you or the city blues that you really wish to escape from, Shimla can be the best place to plan your vacations. One can also book an online stay at the Shimla hotels that enables you to choose from a multitude of options in hand. Moreover, one can also plan & avail a stay as per their need and budget. And, the best part is that you can find an array of Hotels in Shimla that are located nearby the famous destinations and places to see in Shimla. While the mall is best for those who wish to reach out to all the nearby attracts within minutes, Shilon Bagh is the ultimate delight for travelers who truly wish to take home a surreal holidaying experience in Shimla.

So whatever your vacation plans & requirements are, Shimla has got all in store to cater to your variegated needs. All that you have got to do is just back your backs and head on to this beautiful land.

Toshali Jungle Lodge: Accommodation in The Laps of Mother Nature

Dwelt by nature, Simlipal is home to Toshali Jungle Lodge a far-famed name in the list of accommodation places in Simlipal. The jungle lodge is one of the most famous one stop destinations for travelers who wish to explore the rich wildlife of Orissa. Here you can experience the most exotic accommodation in the laps of Mother Nature. Toshali Jungle Lodge offers you the finest of all accommodation and never lets you half-way house with your luxury & comfort. A perfect paradigm of contemporary facilities and tranquil environs, the lodge is the best place for travelers from the domestic and foreign lands.

Owing to its perfect location, travelers can easily explore the famous wildlife center of Orissa known as Simlipal National Park. The national park that is one of the most visited wildlife hub is home to a rare & endangered species of flora and fauna. In addition to this, the national park is dotted with numerous beguiling river namely Kahairi, Burhabalanga, Bandan, Palpala and so on. Moreover, the sprawling gushing waterfalls are the other eternal attractions here. Such is the vista of these natural highlights that you will be spell bounded with the very first sight.

So visit Simlipal and hone your tour with the best Accommodation in Simlipal at the Toshali Jungle Lodge where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. Owing to its latest facilities & amenities, a stay at the lodge will be a lifetime experience that you will rejoice forever. Located far away from the hustle of the city, it is an ideal place for a peaceful getaway.

Puri hotels that offer princely stay in the sacred city

Puri hotels are the heavenly abode where most of the travelers in Puri can enjoy the perfect accommodation experience in this holy city. The city is known for its array of hotels and resort that helps travelers to pick out their fave from the wide and exotic list. The Puri hotels near the sea beach enables travelers to enjoy the most exotic stay near the famous Puri beach and enjoy the most picturesque sunrise and sunset views from the comfort of their room. These hotels & resorts enables you make the best of your Puri trip and make it a lifetime memory that you can cherish forever.

Counted among the best hotels in Puri, Toshali Sands Resort is an eminent resort engaged in catering to the needs of travelers with their unrivalled hospitality and excellent service culture. Owing to its generous facilities, the resort has been one of the topmost accommodation pick among globetrotters who wish to visit Puri. Some of the facilities in Toshali Sands Puri are listed below:

  • Multi-cuisine Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Wedding facilities
  • Indoor / Outdoor Games
  • Jacuzzi
  • Boat Ride
  • Health & Fitness
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Panchkarma & Ayurveda

Moreover, the resort owns the famous Balighai Beach, where you can enjoy the most splendid beach experience and wash away all your stresses and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. So explore this pious city of Puri and make sure to stay at Toshali Sands Resort to make it the milestone among all your accommodation experiences so far.


Explore the land of unrivalled beauty with Himachal Tourism

Himachal Tourism introduces travelers to the most bewitching picturesque environs that are truly breathtaking. Drenched in the most charming hues of serenity and tranquility, the land is the best getaway to escape from your city blues and stresses. A trip to the magnificent land is nothing less than a lifetime experience that every traveler rejoices for the rest part of their life. Outnumbered with various hill-stations and places of tourist interest, the land is the best way to rejuvenate your mind body and soul in the laps of Mother Nature. Shimla is one of the most famed hill-station in Himachal Pradesh that is visited by an array of backpackers and adventure seekers.

Lofty snow disguised mountains & hills, deep down valleys, dense forest cover and overflowing rivers explains much about Shimla and its natural splendor. Moreover, the hill station is also home to some of the famous architectural masterpieces, places of religious significance and material peace. Some of the famous places of interest that you can head-on to during your sightseeing tour are Mall Road, The Ridge, Annandale, Gaiety Theatre, Sumer Hill, Shimla State Museum and so on. In addition to this, you can also visit Christ Church, Jakhoo Hill, Tara Devi, Glenn and Institute of Advanced Studies to bask your Shimla sojourn. To accomplish all your dreams, Resorts in Shimla offer world-class lodging facilities to travelers thereby catering to their needs and requirements. Equipped with all the contemporary and sophisticated maneities & facilities, the resorts are one of the best options to enjoy world-class accommodation in Shimla.