Enjoy the Wilderness within the Best Comfort at Hotels in Simlipal

Simlipal wildlife reserve is a significant tourist destination in Odisha. This national park is home to huge number of exotic wild beasts and birds. The region is absolutely free from urban pollution. The vast list of wild beasts roaming and the natural places make wide attractions in Simlipal for tourists. Continue reading Enjoy the Wilderness within the Best Comfort at Hotels in Simlipal

It is All About Simlipal Jungle Safari

Give your city life a kick and come out of this concrete jungle to real one for a change. This time come to Simlipal National Park the world of untamed and unexpected journey.simlipal-jungle-safari

Enshrined in the eastern part India, Simlipal is one of the prominent wildlife park of Odisha, which derives its name from “Simul”(Red Silk Cotton) tree? The Park situated in the Mayurbhanj district in state of Odisha, India. This Park spread over 2750 sq km and established on 1980. There are some beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani. The park is surrounded by high plateaus and hills, the highest peak being the twin peaks of Khairiburu and Meghashini. At least twelve rivers cut across the plain area, all of which drain into the Bay of Bengal. The prominent rivers are Burhabalanga, Palpala Bandan, Salandi, Kahairi and Deo.simlipal-tiger-reserve

This wild park is also known for its Simlipal Tiger reserve and Elephant reserve. The park is known for the tiger, elephant and hill mynah. Simlipal jungle safari holds the highest tiger population in the state of Odisha and includes 55 species of mammals, 304 species of birds, 60 species of reptiles, 21 species of frogs, 38 species of fish and 164 species of butterflies have been recorded from the Park.


Similipal Biosphere reserve originated as a hunting ground for the surrounding royalty. The Government of Odisha declared Simlipal as a wildlife sanctuary in 1979 with an area of 2750 sq. km. Later in 1980, Government of Odisha proposed 303 sq. km of the sanctuary as National Park. Further in 1986, the area of the National Park was increased to 845.70 sq. km. The Government of India declared it as a biosphere reserve in 1994. UNESCO added this National Park to its list of Biosphere Reserves in May 2009. There are 10,000 people living in 61 villages in the forest.

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Holiday at Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

Set within the richest watershed of Odisha due to twelve rivers,   Simlipal jungles attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is one of the prominent National parks of India with two stunning waterfalls named as Barehipani and Joranda, situated in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Simlipal National Park is blessed enough with natural beauty and boasts of an excellent flora and fauna. With 1076 plant species, 92 species of orchids, 42 species of mammals, 242 species of birds, and 30 species of reptiles make Simlipal the most natural view provider.Simlipal National Park

Simlipal National Park and the biosphere reserve have derived its name from”semul” the red silk cotton trees found in abundance jungle areas. The National park is Sprawling in an area of 2750 sq. km and lying in the Chotanagpur Plateau in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, India, Simlipal is one of the 14 biosphere reserve of India.Simlipal Tiger Reserve

Besides attracting a large number of people for spending a refreshing holidays in Simlipal resort and hotel provide you the perfect opportunity to relax in your luxurious room along with enjoying homely food under the blue sky to search for new species and explore the forest of your own. The Simlipal Tiger Reserve originated as a hunting ground for the surrounding royalty. It was formally designated a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in May 1973. The Government of Odisha declared Similipal as a wildlife sanctuary in 1979 with an area of 2750 sq. km.Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Toshali Jungle Lodge: The Perfect Jungle Location

Toshali Jungle lodge is exclusively designed eco tourism and wildlife focused lodge located amidst Simlipal Jungle. This National Park features amazing things to encourage your interest in jungle. The region of Simlipal is a perfect destination for those who wish to be more close to nature and experience the diversity that this part of the state of Odisha holds. To make sure the visitors don’t face any kind of hassle regarding their accommodation, Simlipal resorts come up with the most ideal destinations. Offering modern facilities and round the clock room services, the hotel in Simlipal Odisha counted as notable accommodation provider. Our customers-friendly approach enables us to gain the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Toshali Jungle Lodge

The Simlipal National Park’s ecosystem is dwelled with a rich variety of flora as well as fauna. From leopards, wild boars, sambars, sloth bears, hyenas to antelopes the park is inhabited with a wide array of animals that tourists can easily glimpse when they visit this park. Apart from this, the national park has around 231 species of birds namely hornbills, hill myna, red jungle fowl, parakeets, crescent serpent eagle, peafowl and many more. The famous mountain peaks known as Khairiburu and Meghasani which adds up to the beauty of the place.

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Toshali Jungle Lodge Provides Best Attractions In Simlipal

Toshali Jungle Lodge is a blessing for travelers and tourists, who love to spend their time under nature. As Hotel industry in Odisha is growing very fast, it is also developing jungle lodges to attract people for the natural holiday. Toshali jungle lodge is such accommodation available in Simlipal jungle lodge that not only provide you world class accommodation but also let you introduce to the jungle world by making your wonderful staying amidst of the forest.

The lodge is one of the best hotels in Simlipal Odisha that offer holidays are an excellent idea for the people to celebrate their weekend under blended nature and comfort. People who are searching for a different holiday they are most welcome at Toshali lodge to experience a unique holiday. The surroundings of this jungle are every tourist’s delight. The attraction in Simlipal includes the places like


Newani, Joranada and Borehipani are the amazing waterfalls that you will love to enjoy at Simlipal.


It is one the historical place near Haripur that is founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanj. The Radha Mohan temple, present here is a known for its rectangular shape and Goudiya architecture style.


It is famous attractions in Simlipal that includes shrine of deity Ambika. The main attraction her is the waterfall that falls from the height of 50 fit.  Make your stay in best Simlipal hotels to enjoy all the tidbits of this National park and the nearby places.


Bhimkund has an ancient reservoir and based on mythological history, it is believed that it is one of the places where Pandavas during Mahabharata time took bath in this kund, when they used to stay in Biratnagar.

Best Hotels In Simlipal

As every tourist destination has many hotels; some good some average but at times it is hard to find a place that pleases you beyond your expectations. Toshali Jungle Lodge located in the heart of Simlipal National Park is an ideal holiday destination where you can enjoy your breaks with your family and friends. The breath taking destination gives you an opportunity to spend your vacations in the calm and relaxed environment of natural surroundings.

Toshali Jungle Lodge is one of the best hotels in Simlipal that offers the best range of facilities on your tours. The wide range of available accommodations gives you the freedom to choose your desired stay. At the same time the enthralling kitchen serves the most delicious and widest range of local, national and international food flavours. The guest friendly staff is available round the clock for your assistance.

The best attractions in Simlipal are jungle safari and trekking. If you are a nature lover, wild life photographer or an adventure seeker; you will get the most thrilling experience in Simlipal. The opportunity of witnessing the wild animals in their natural habitat without any fence is the best exciting opportunity that one can ever experience. In further addition to your adventure expedition, you can also try your hands in trekking on the rock bed of the Ramathirtha River. It is a perfect place to rest and rejuvenate on your vacations. So get going and have a wonderful holiday experience with your dear ones.

Adventures of Simlipal National Park

Simlipal National Park has derived its name from the abundance of Semul or red silk cotton which blooms in abundance in this locality. It is located in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. The park is an area of 845.70 square kilometres and also has the treasure of some beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani.

Toshali Jungle Lodge situated in the heart of this national park is a favourite holiday destination of large number of tourists. The resort is gracefully designed and well equipped with all the facilities where you can spend your vacations comfortably. The calm, relaxed and natural surroundings of the resort are the best to get rejuvenated.

 Surprisingly this Toshali Jungle Lodge has the widest variety of accommodations in Simlipal to choose from The Tribal Hut, Devasahali Cottage and Villas for your stay. At the same time the enthralling kitchen serves some amazing mouth-watering food flavours that include the flavours of local, national and other international cuisines.

This national park is a treasure house of 1076 species of plants belonging to 102 families. 96 species of orchids have also been identified here. A total of 42 species of mammals, 242 species of birds and 30 species of reptiles have been recorded in Simlipal National Park. So, if you have the desire to explore the adventures of the wildlife and to spend a couple of days in the lap of the nature then it is just the right holiday destination for all your desires.

Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

My Simlipal wildlife sanctuary trip was a weekend getaway that I basked to the fullest for the first time. Located in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, Simlipal is one of the far-famed wildlife places that attract domestic and international tourists. The Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary is one such wildlife center in Orissa that houses a range of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, we just couldn’t wait any longer and booked one of the Orissa Wildlife Tour Packages.

Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Bisons, Chausingha, Mugger Crocodile and orchidarium were some of the species we found here. Moreover, one can also spot birds such as Red Jungle fowl, Alexandrine Parakeet, Hill Mynah, Peacock, Grey Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill as well as various reptiles. The waterfalls namely Joranda and Barehipani were so beguiling that one can’t resist their charm. Moreover the beautiful waterfalls were a perfect background to enjoy a picnic

So if you too wish to have some great experience, then head on to Simlipal wildlife sanctuary and witness a plethora of wildlife here. The entire region embraces such solitude that you will get a perfect place to keep your stresses at bay. The best thing over here is the accommodation that brings you more closely to the actual region of Simlipal, located amidst natural surroundings, offering spacious rooms, finest amenities and friendly staff. So whatever is on your mind visit this Orissa Wildlife hotspot this vacation and bask a whole new experience.