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  • conference-hall
    Feb 17 2018

    Conference Venues in Puri to Conduct Luxurious Conventions

    A luxury conference venue refers to an exceptional venue with the distinguished settings and outstanding services. It possesses comfortable decor, high level service and lavish guest facilities including amazing food and other activities. Luxury conference venues in Puri include bungalows, suites and villas even luxury resorts and 4/5 star hotels to accommodate the delegates travelling for a business meeting. Read more

  • temple-in-goa
    Feb 17 2018

    Must Visit Famous Temples in Goa

    When you think about Goa, the things that come to mind are beautiful beaches, blue water, amazing beach parties and fun with friends and family. Goa is so much more than that, filled with immense amount of history and culture that is sure to overwhelm you. Read more

  • toshali-sands-hotel-puri
    Feb 15 2018

    Conference Destination Puri for Creative Business Meetings

    As competition grows in both small and large scale businesses, you need to think more creatively and one way of doing this is by using conference rooms for your client and staff meetings. Regular meetings are an integral part of any successful organization and you should use them for brainstorming, Read more

  • Goa-beach
    Feb 13 2018

    Goa Beaches: Best Place for a Splendid Holiday

    Goa, the beach capital of India, is a fabulous seaside destination and makes for a pleasant vacation. One trip to Goa can refresh and rejuvenate your city-wearied soul and can bring the spark back into your life. If you are looking for a beach holiday with your friends and family, there is nothing better than a trip to Goa. Read more

  • Toshali Sands
    Feb 10 2018

    Benefits of Planning Accommodation at Puri for Holiday

    Today, in the modern age when we are all feeling time pressured, when we’re in a hurry on the our way from home to work, to the meetings, picking up children in schools, kindergartens, various activities, we simply do not have time for ordinary things. But, if we start planning the future today, Read more

  • Accomodation in Puri
    Feb 07 2018

    Different Types of Budget Accommodation in Puri

    Budget travelers can save more money by reducing their accommodation costs, whether their purpose of travel is business or pleasure. To adapt to these travelers’ needs, many forms of budget accommodation in Puri have emerged, offering affordable room rates. Read more

  • Goa-Beach
    Feb 06 2018

    Visit in & around Goa and go with great memories that haunts you every time for revisiting this destination.

    Goa has often been cited as one of the most delightful destinations in India. With its vast stretch of beaches, culinary delicacies, nightlife and a culture which is a combination of contemporary India and Western influence, Goa delights tourists from all corners of the globe. Read more

  • Goa-beach
    Feb 05 2018

    Goa Travel Guide: To Know All Key Attractions

    The beach capital of India, Goa attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world throughout the year. It is worldwide famous with palm-fringed beautiful beaches, magnificent monuments, intricate churches, wildlife sanctuaries & parks, etc. On Goa travel guide tours, Read more

  • toshali-sands
    Feb 05 2018

    Puri Accommodations for Best Beach Vacation

    Puri has a lovely climate, silvery beaches, beautiful serene environment and friendly people. You find lavish and comfortable Puri accommodations. These resorts and hotels are famous due to their great environment, warmth and attractive spa therapy. So, if you wish to enjoy in the lap of Mother Nature, Puri Beach Resorts and hotels are known to be the most popular destinations. Read more

  • toshali-sands
    Feb 02 2018

    Resorts in Puri Beach: Peaceful Stay amidst Crowd

    If you are looking for best hotels and resorts in Puri beach that fulfills your all kind of holiday plans then, Toshali Sands resorts in the right choice for you. Read more

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