Heavenly Stay At Goa Resorts

To welcome the early morning sunrise, I wore my sport shoes and headed towards the door. So I grabbed the door knob to breath in the refreshing cool breeze of Goa. After a really rejuvenating early morning walk, I came to know much of the resort that seemed really unrecognizable last night when I checked in. The lush greenery that embraced serenity was one of the most mesmerizing things at the Goan Village Resort. Dotted with an array of rooms, this was one of the best Goa Beach Resorts that offered the most opulent stay to travelers as well as solo travelers like me.

After returning from my early morning experience, I headed for a shower and thereafter decided to indulge into a healthy breakfast. The Restaurant that was located within the hotel premises was really the best place this Goa Hotels comprises that served the best continental, Chinese, Indian Cuisines as well as scrumptious sea food & mouth-watering desserts. So I happily sat there enjoying every bit of my meal. Before booking my Goa trip was really worried about accommodation, as it really cost a chunk from a holidaymaker’s budget, but being in this Goa Resorts, I was sure that I had really banged the best Budget Hotels in Goa a stay at which is turning out quite a pocket-friendly affair.

And, if you too have second thoughts about the hotels services and facilities like I used to have before checking in here, then surely the swimming pool, dining zone, gaming zone and the multi-cuisine restaurant will be the answer to it. So whether you crave for a home like comfort or plushness, this Luxury Hotels in Goa has it all under one roof.

Explore the inner you with Buddhism

The Ratnagiri Odisha Buddhist Circuit is an anachronism of the rich Buddhist times, when the fourth largest religion was scaling great religious heights in this part of Odisha. While visiting this region that comprises a famous Buddhist pilgrimage place that introduces one to the most serene and natural environs that a materialistic world just cannot offer us. So this was all that my Odisha tour started with. To make sure that I can easily and in detail explore the Buddhist Heritage of Orissa, I checked in at Toshali Ratnagiri, a resort that caters to all accommodation needs of travelers in Ratnagiri.

Being at such a place where one can be at peace with the inner self was truly something that I had been looking up after being fed up with the burdened city life. So when life gave me this much awaited lifetime holidaying opportunity I never wasted even a single span and was ready before the final departure sound. One of the most amazing things that I experienced here that consolidate the beauty of the place is the fact that it is surrounded by Kimiria, Mahanadi, Brahmani and Birupa rivers from all directions.

The day I decided to head out and learn something more about this wonderful place that continues to be the sites of numerous excavations with each one bearing up some of the most ancient stupas of Buddha in Different poses in different sizes and structures. While the monastery at the Buddhist complex Ratnagiri was really a splendid experience stepping ahead and witnessing in detail each of its style and structure that framed 24 cells, a courtyard as well as a shrine. So if you too wish to leave away all your city hustle and bustles then, being in touch with Buddhism in Ratnagiri Orissa is surely the perfect escape for you.


Lifetime Experience in Goa

After a planned family get-together this weekend, we decided to make it more memorable and planned for a getaway to the beach capital of Goa. The most waited part that we had in mind after being occupied with our professional lives was this getaway. So this weekend I along with my younger brother and cousin brother & sisters decided to enjoy this time to the fullest. Always being enchanted by the Goa beaches and its happening beach parties and nightlife, I was really excited to set foot on this land. Being a Portuguese colony for years, the land showcases a deep Portugal culture that can be witnessed in most of the Goan festivities and celebrations.

As soon we got down at the airport, we had this hotel representative waiting outside who accompanied us till the resort and on the way briefed us a bit about Goa churches, famous temples, palm fringed beaches and popular flea markets. Already fascinated by all this, we were eagerly waiting to check-in and get ready for our first Goa sightseeing tour. Soon after the refreshing shower, we ordered a healthy breakfast for all of us. Thereafter, we took our backpacks and made sure to carry our camera as we never wished to miss any of the picturesque vistas. So we headed to the nearby Candolim beach located nearby the resort that was one of the most splendid Places to visit in Goa during the first day of our Goa trip. The sun-kissing, palm fringed beach crowded with numerous beach lovers was truly the best place to start from in Goa. Right now all that we have in mind is to enjoy the beach culture. Much more to explore and I am excited!!!

Odia Cuisines: the most delectable delicacies

After a refreshing sound sleep at Toshali Sands Resorts, my accommodation place in Puri, I decided to take a shower to get in the mood of a tour enthusiast on this journey. So before any of my friends were awake I tried to get in for a quick shower. As soon I was all refreshed and set for breakfast, some of friends started to wake up from their fantasies and were all hurrying up to the bathrooms. Being a group of four best friends ever since the college days, we used to find a reason to smile even amidst the most foolish and irritating actions of each other’s.

As I was got the fact that we won’t be able to make it up to the restaurant, so we decided to ask for a room service and ordered our breakfast. As soon the hotel staff member came in a few minutes with our orders of south Indian, continental & American Breakfast, the most foodie one among us enquired about the main course and that too some specific Odia Cuisines that the Restaurant called Phultpatna had in store for us. The out-spoken personnel went on to his list of cuisines from main course that included Dalma, Saga-bhaja, Badi Chura, Ghia arna, Sadha Bhata etc. since I literally was unable to pronounce some. But believe me the order that was delivered in the lunch time as soon we returned from our short sightseeing tour was heavenly something that all of us really tasted for the very first time in Odisha.

With every bite it seemed that this truly is one of the Best Odia food in Puri offered especially at this restaurant. Thereafter, came the desserts that the waiter mentioned as Chena-Pauda, Kheer-sagar, Kheera and Rasa bali one after another. And all that we could say was Phultpatna is one of Best restaurant in Puri where you can have the have some of the toothsome traditional Odia cuisines. Though we were in Odisha for the very first time, the land and its food along with culture and dying for attractions truly mesmerized each one of our group members. So if you too are a great foodie then you surely must make a stop at Phultpatna.

Noteworthy Tourist Places in Simlipal

As soon I arrived in Simlipal, the first and foremost thing that I had on my mind is to find such an accommodation that can really help me out in exploring the rich wildlife of the region. So I took my backpack and entered this very lodge called Toshali Jungle Lodge. As soon I walked into the lobby, a warm welcome was the very first thing I was showered with. After enquiring about the facilities and tariff and other essential things, I checked in. So this was the first day that I had in Simlipal. After some refreshment, I took my Simlipal guide and tried looking out for the page that read Tourist Places in Simlipal. I was turning on the pages my eyes struck to the wildlife description of the region. I must say every wildlife lover should visit Simlipal once. The book read that it houses Royal Bengal Tigers, wild elephants, mugger crocodiles, Chowsingha, Sambhar, common langur as part of the fauna diversity followed by a rich heritage of flora. Moreover, some of the avi-fauna found here were listed as Peacock, Red Jungle Fowl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Hill mynah etc. with their not so easily articulable scientific names.

After reading out a bit from the so called travel Guide, I went out and tried to explore some of the Simlipal Attractions and click Mother Nature in her best moods so far. One of the best things that consolidate the beauty of this place is the fact that the park is crisscrossed twelve rivers that makes it a wonderful spot for trekking. Barehipani and Joranda Waterfalls were another place that I really like among the famous tourist places near Simlipal.

An insight into the Ratnagiri Archaeological Museum

On a sunny morning in Ratnagiri, that forms the Odisha Buddhist Circuit along with Lalitgiri and Udayagiri, I was enjoying a healthy breakfast at my hotel (Toshali Ratnagiri Resort). After the toothsome affair, I decided to step out and take the journey afterwards in my own hands. Roaming around the hotel premises, I came across one of the hotel staff members who happened to be the same person who helped me during my check-in in the morning. The guy really seemed very much friendly and out-spoken and the way his hands would twirl around and turn up were an adjective to his words.

After a deep discussion and some facts about this part of Odisha that embraces a deep serenity and tranquility, he told me that the place has a famous Archaeological Museum that happened to be a few minutes away from Toshali Ratnagiri Resort. So there I was on my way to the first attraction in Ratnagiri, as I was heading towards the direction he told me, he reminded me to pay a call to the monastery that is accessible from within the museum. So slowly I started heading towards the Museum that is located in Ratnagiri, one of the famous Buddhist Places in Odisha.

As I came up to the museum within a few minutes, I was totally spell bounded by the architecture of the museum, after buying a mere 5 INR ticket. As soon I went inside I was introduced to a state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising galleries with long stepped corridors. Each of the corridors was adorned with art objects and antiquities from the 5th to 13th century AD.  The museum that had a total of four well built galleries houses stupas, sculptures, inscriptions, terracotta seals, terracotta figures, ornaments, decorated bands, glass bangles, coins and many numerous things. Thereafter, I went on towards the monastery that boasts century old history and is a vital name when it comes to the Buddhist Places in Odisha.

Balighai Beach in Puri

My trip to Orissa last month was really awesome, one that I can treasure forever for a lifetime. The trip was truly something that every city dweller should experience once in a lifetime. While getting down to this landmass of varying opportunities, one thing was already clear in mind that I am gonna explore each and very hotspot of this landmass. So there I was on my way to the land of Orissa on a pre-planned vacation. My travel packages that an ultimate comfort to the entire trip had already booked a luxurious accommodation in Puri.

As soon as I checked in at Toshali Sands Resort, I was sure that I had made the right decision. Since Puri embraces a deep religious charm and natural aura as well as beach culture, it ultimately is the best destination for travelers in Odisha. So if you wish to explore Orissa, then Puri is the best place as it has numerous nearby places of interests that are easily accessible. The resort is one of the best I have booked so far that promised ampler space, plush interiors, intricate design as well as contemporary amenities. And the best part here is that the resorts owns the Balighai Beach as its private property that can be the ultimate retreat for you. Counted among the best Puri beaches, Balighai Beach is a must for traveler in Puri who wishes to bask a surreal beach culture experience in Orissa.

During my visit to the Balighai Beach in Puri, I really enjoyed a ride to the famous hotspot where one can find numerous boats and tugs dragging their nets. Moreover, the dolphins that join in during your Boat ride will be a nice experience followed by the magnificent sunset views. So if you too are looking out for a getaway then Get down to Orissa and make sure to visit Balighai Beach.

Safari in Simlipal National Park

Elevated Hills, Gushing waterfalls and dense foliage is what describes Simlipal National Park in the most efficient way. For a wildlife lover Simlipal turns out to be a paradise that offers a heavenly experience to every visitor. So if you truly can’t resist yourself envying that then just reach out to this bio-diversity hot spot that is counted among the famous national parks in Orissa. The very first sight that I witnessed here was far flung greenery that seemed so vast that it would lead you to the farthest corner of the state.

So there I was ready for a nice weeklong stay in Orissa that started with a Safari in Simlipal National Park. Being a solo traveler I always loved to take things in my own hands and explore some nearby places. After checking in at the resort that I had booked here, I decided to refresh and then pay a call to the nearby area of the Simlipal National Park. To my amazement I was not the only one roaming around the resort but few other travelers who too were fond of this world of serenity and true beauty. So I even got the chance to get to know some follow travelers who were staying nearby. One think that I would really assure you is that this place will never let you have any second thoughts about the lodging here as one can come across numerous Resorts Near Simlipal National Park that offers optimum facilities to travelers. Throughout my stay I really enjoyed the entire trip and caught sight of the various flora and fauna species like tigers, elephants, deer, leopards, langurs, crocodiles as well as bird life. Moreover, the Barehipani and Joranda Waterfall were truly awe-inspiring that spell bounded me with the very first look. A trip to the temples and the tribal village of Simlipal brought an end to my safari that was really awesome and worthy a lifetime memory.