Toshali Jungle Lodge Provides Best Attractions In Simlipal

Toshali Jungle Lodge is a blessing for travelers and tourists, who love to spend their time under nature. As Hotel industry in Odisha is growing very fast, it is also developing jungle lodges to attract people for the natural holiday. Toshali jungle lodge is such accommodation available in Simlipal jungle lodge that not only provide you world class accommodation but also let you introduce to the jungle world by making your wonderful staying amidst of the forest.

The lodge is one of the best hotels in Simlipal Odisha that offer holidays are an excellent idea for the people to celebrate their weekend under blended nature and comfort. People who are searching for a different holiday they are most welcome at Toshali lodge to experience a unique holiday. The surroundings of this jungle are every tourist’s delight. The attraction in Simlipal includes the places like


Newani, Joranada and Borehipani are the amazing waterfalls that you will love to enjoy at Simlipal.


It is one the historical place near Haripur that is founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanj. The Radha Mohan temple, present here is a known for its rectangular shape and Goudiya architecture style.


It is famous attractions in Simlipal that includes shrine of deity Ambika. The main attraction her is the waterfall that falls from the height of 50 fit.  Make your stay in best Simlipal hotels to enjoy all the tidbits of this National park and the nearby places.


Bhimkund has an ancient reservoir and based on mythological history, it is believed that it is one of the places where Pandavas during Mahabharata time took bath in this kund, when they used to stay in Biratnagar.

Book Puri Hotel Accommodation For A Pleasant Stay

Puri is a wonderland that attracts and allures travelers since ages. Besides Puri Jagannath temple, the golden beaches and natural beauty holds visitors to this place. The enchanting and romantic Puri is the perfect location for a honeymoon.  To make your memorable stay in this holy land search for cheap Puri hotel accommodation and get close to the culture of the place on your vacation.

You can book online tickets at any of the customer friendly travel portal, which provides unlimited support to esteem users.  Book cheap hotel accommodation in Puri for your budget holiday planning. The economic hotels are also providing comfortable services to its customers. The hotels extend a fine blend of traditional Odisha hospitality with modern amenities and services. Though you may not find multi cuisine dining in these hotels but cheap hotels are also providing good opportunity to savour cuisines. The hotels are providing style, design decor and technology that integrate harmoniously to provide comfortable stay.

Puri hotel accommodation is suited for both corporate and leisure tourists. Round the clock services, hassle free ticket booking, comfortable accommodation, sightseeing services, cab arrangements and pick and drop facilities are included in the preliminary services by Puri hotels for travelers. The cheap hotels are also providing well furnished services with modern amenities to give the best services. So go ahead to book hotels in Puri and relish the finesse of the true Odisha culture.

Puri Honeymoon Package Make Your Trip Mind-blowing

Till now Puri has only attracted tourists as the most valuable pilgrimage destination. But from the  Odisha tourism point of view the Puri beaches and the surrounding natural beauty and other attractions make it an interesting hub for holiday. Along with devotees, now the fun seekers are also gathering at this holy city for spending an exotic holiday. Apart from these Puri is also increasing its popularity among honeymooners. Puri honeymoon package in the hotels are providing lucrative offers and facilities to newly-wed couples.

Puri beach hotels and resorts are the best honeymoon places in Puri that gives you an amazing romantic aura for honeymoon. Located in close proximity to the famous golden beaches, these resorts and hotels make sure to offer you heavenly experience in Puri. The best beaches are Balighai beach, Puri beach, Aryapalli beach, Chandrabhaga beach. Search for best accommodation near these beaches to not only rejuvenate within your holiday but also get an unmatchable Puri honeymoon package that you will ever remember.

Toshali Sands, on the Marine-Konark drive, near Balighai beach one of those resorts that let you forget everything after entering into it. The impeccable services, elegant architecture, traditional rituals, cosmopolitan touch in services, polite staff unit win your heart in every holiday vacation. The resort is offering the best honeymoon package in Puri, that make your living worthy here. The honeymoon packages include complete privacy, private beach facilities for couples.  The resort provides varied water sports, indoor and outdoor games for you to add more fun within your honeymoon.

Travel To Himalaya For A Real Adventure

Travel to Himalaya takes you to another level of the world. The beauty of the snow capped Himalayan ranges attracts most of the tourists with different level of enjoyment. Some love to spend quality time here; some love the nature most, whereas some came here to meet the entertainment aspects like trekking, paragliding, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking in different seasons.

The mighty Himalayas extend southeast to the northwest of Asia in the world. Most tourists come here with the purpose of trekking and visiting the mountain villages. During your Himalaya tour travel packages you are going to explore the isolated valleys, which you won’t get a chance to get introduced with again. Travel to Himalaya let you meet with the valley of flower, where the breathtaking view of surrounding mountains, beautiful rivers, glaciers and different colored flowers create an amazing aura.  The Chamba Valley with an elevation about 3,270 feet has stunning natural vistas with rich flora and fauna between Dhauladhar and Pin Panjal ranges. Zanskar Valley is the best place, who loves the adventure. This valley in Ladakh province provides spell bound natural aroma to tourists. Apart from trekking, you can have other activities like kayaking, rafting and road safari.  Nagin Valley is another attraction, which is a part of Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. This valley is important for the activities like hiking, camping and trailing.

Himalaya travel tours include eight highest peaks in the world and the peaks are known as Mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Chooyu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Ladakh treks. To make your Himalaya trip a successful one, book rooms in Himalayan resorts and hotels. You can find wide a variety of hotels within your budget with customize facilities to meet your holiday requirements. Along with warm hospitality the Himalayan hotels are adding different level of facilities to increase the level of ecstasy within your Himalaya tour travel packages.

Puri Honeymoon Package And It’s Advantages

The Puri Honeymoon package is like an investment that provides most romantic memories of the lifetime. If you want to spend some time alone with your soul mate in the lap of nature, then in Odisha, Puri is the ideal place to make your dream come true. The best things about the honeymoon packages are that you can customize them according to your taste and budget.

You can live the ecstasy of the best honeymoon package in Puri and make your dreams come true with planned India tour packages. In Odisha you can find a number of honeymoon packages but among all Puri is unique. Honeymooners are attracted to Puri’s scenic landscapes, blue waters, coconut plantations and paddy fields. A Combination of sea, sun and sand make your honeymoon tour most amazing one. Puri beaches are divided into varied beaches like Balighai beach, Aryapalli beach, Puri beach, Chandrabhaga beach, Puri-Konark Marine drive and many more,

Honeymoon places in Puri are famous as couples enjoy the stunning beauty of the sun kissing sea, stretched clean coastline, amazing food make your holiday most romantic gateway for your celebration. Best honeymoon packages in Puri include luxury hotels with varied categories and ranges for their special celebration. Couples book luxury packages to enjoy a multitude of facilities, which includes Lord Jagannath’s blessings of the Puri temple, then happy hours through sightseeing in and around places of Puri, great discounts at the spa, health care sessions and multi cuisine dining by candle light dinners. The resorts in Puri offer special packages for couples to enjoy quality time with each other. The private beach facilities by the resorts give the couple an undisturbed, quiet ambience to walk on the beach by holding hands and by sitting under the palm tree shades.  Online booking for Puri honeymoon packages are the best and simplest way for the couples to choose their place.

Give Yourself A Good Break In Sea Beach Resorts In India

India is one of those lands, where you can find varied categories of holiday destinations. Whether it is a hill station, historical trip, adventure trip, wildlife trip, desert trip, royal palaces trip, natural sceneries trip, luxury hotels trip, food trip any many more. You can taste every kind of holiday tour within India. The best thing about Indian varied tourist destinations is that around it you can find comfortable hotels in India to make your successful holiday trip.

India is filled with coastal areas, eastern side by the Bay of Bengal, west side by the Arabian Sea and southern side the Indian Ocean is covered India.  So you can easily find varied sea facing tourist destinations like Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puri, Mumbai, Kerala etc. More you see the beach destinations, more you will get scope to make choices for sea beach resorts in India. Every beach of India has its own speciality, which drags more travelers. Goa beaches are famous for its beach parties, functions and activities, some of the other beaches are famous for nearby shrines. Odisha is such kind of tourist destination. The Beaches of Odisha are filled with important temples to attract both tourists and pilgrims.  The untouched beauty and clean surroundings of Odisha beaches are giving opportunity to beach resorts in Odisha to flourish without any hassles.

People from all over the world come to spend precious time in Indian beaches and the hotels in India are welcoming all its guests with pleasant gesture.  No matter whatever may be the purpose of your visit, sea beach resorts in India, make your each day most adventurous with fun-filled activities. Whether it is beach resorts in Odisha, Goa, Kerala, Chennai or Mumbai, all provide amazing offers and services with international standard facilities to make your holiday most memorable one.

Live In Luxury Through Resorts In Puri Sea Beach

If you are a leisure seeker and love to visit different places at weekends in Odisha, then Puri is the perfect destination that truly fulfills your wish of getting relaxation with every possible comfort. Puri is filled with varied category hotels. Whether you are looking for economical or luxury hotels in Puri, you can easily get in this holy city.

Resorts in Puri sea beach are the ideal choice for every leisure visitor to enjoy a blissful holiday. The important beaches of Puri are Puri sea beach, Balighai Beach, Aryapalli beach etc. The resorts are giving best comforts to its guests. By keeping in mind the privacy, private beach options by the luxury hotels in Puri attracts tourists towards them.

Resorts in Puri are not only the best destination for leisure seekers but also for business travelers. Conference halls with all modern facilities provide corporate an ideal destination to arrange meetings, professional functions. It not only gives a break to corporate people but also make a fresh start for them.

Budget hotels  in Puri are providing all possible comfort to larger group of tourists. During Puri Rath Yatra, you are even faced difficulties to get rooms in these hotels. The millions of devotees are making such crowd in the city; it raises the difficulty level for every range of hotels and luxury hotels in Puri to provide accommodation. During the time it is wise to book hotels in advance for a comfortable stay.