Famous Churches in Goa You must Visit

Goa is a perfect tourist destination in India for beach lovers. Renowned for its colonial architecture, sun-kissed beaches, Portuguese-inspired cuisine, authentic seafood and vibrant nightlife, this beautiful state shares a strong bond with architecture and history as well. The churches in old Goa are no less than a masterpiece of Portuguese-style architecture that reminds us of the rule of Portuguese over Goa for around 450 years. After the Portuguese lost control over Goa, their only memory left are these majestically famous churches in Goa.

These churches are not just a worship place but a visual treat for history and architecture enthusiasts. So let’s get started and know in detail about the churches you should visit, while on a vacation to Goa.

  1. Se Cathedral de Santa Catarina

Also known as Se Cathedral, it is one of the largest churches in India. This 115-feet high church was built to celebrate the victory of Afonso de Albuquerque over Goa in the year 1510. This church was presented with a golden rose. A golden rose, blessed by the Popes of churches, is considered as an expression of respect, devotion and blessings.

2.TheBom Jesus Basilica

This is one of the most ancient famous churches in Goa, which has been declared as a UNESCO Heritage site. At the time of rule of the Portuguese, old Goa was the main capital. This 400-years old church was designed by Giovanni Battista and it took almost ten years to build it.

  1. Church of St. Francis Assisi

Built in 1661, this church is a blend of Baroque and Corinthian style of architecture with ornamented interiors. It also has a museum inside with impressive paintings, sculptures and artifacts on display.

  1. Church of St. Cajetan

Located close to the Se Cathedral church in old Goa, this church has little reflections of the Corinthian architecture. The structure of this church is said to be inspired from Basilica in Rome. The church of St. Cajetan, church of divine providence, was built in 1661.

  1. NossaSenhora de Penha de Franca

This one of the famous churches in Goa is dedicated to Saint NossaSenhora de Penha de Franca, who is said to have prevented danger to Portuguese sailors on their way to India. It is one of the most-visited churches dedicated to Saint Penha de Franca in Goa.

  1. Chapel of Calcada de NossaSenhora de Piedade

This church is also known as Our Lady of Mercy Chapel is situated atop the Margao’s highest hill point – Monte hill. This is another church dedicated to Saint NossaSenhora de Penha de Franca.

Apart from its scenic beaches and cool lifestyle, people still visit these famous churches to stay rooted to the traditional Goa culture.

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