Unique Sorts of Goa Festivals

The city of Goa hosts some of the most happening festivals of India with as much music, cuisines, fairs and decoration as possible. With a multi-cultural past Goa celebrates Hindu, Christian and Portuguese festivals with a special day to commemorate all the ceremonies of festivals with a quintessential spirit. In the festive season, you can easily plan up a trip and enjoy all Goa festivals with a different definition of Goa.

Here are some of the most enjoyed and celebrated festivals of Goa :

Festivals of Goa

Goa Carnival

This carnival is exclusive to Goa and introduced by Portuguese with lots of colures and festivity in it. Celebrated in the month of February for three days this carnival is well awaited by crowd of excited audiences. With band, huge parades are organized throughout the states with grand balls in the dawn. The famous red black dance concludes this three day carnival.

Ganesh Chaturthi

On the birthday of lord Ganesh, the clay idol is brought home for three days. Chovoth means days of rejoicing with a flower making competition and at least five cuisines are cooked that day. On the day five a huge crowd of men, women and children colored in tradition move along with the idol and it’s the festival of cleaning n decorating sacred places.

Christmas in Goa

The energetic people of Goa don’t lag behind when it comes to the most popular festival of the world celebrated with glittery decorations in red, white and green color. Decorated with gleaming streamers 25 December is the day of exchanging gifts with revelry and praying in the beautifully decorated churches of Goa.

Grape festival in Goa

Capturing exuberance of Goa this festival is celebrated in four days extravaganza of wine, live shows, fashion shows, exclusive wine tasting sessions and entertainment. Organized by Goa Tourism Development Corporation this wine and haute cuisine escapade brings together international connoisseurs and wine makers, professionals of hospitality and wine lovers.

Holi in Goa

This festival is as energetic compare to other Goa festivals. It is the festivals ofcolors and water is amazingly celebrated with epic enactment of mythology accompanied with fanfare.

Goa is all known for its casinos, night club parties, sunbaths and beaches but the true colors of festivals are so worth enjoying in this tiny state.

With lots of merrymaking every moment of Goa festivals is cherishes here and makes your holiday experience truly forgetful.

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