Religious Places in Goa to Relish

Located in the western coast of India, Goa is a fascinating holiday destination in India. It is smallest but beautiful state of India. It is small but has many deserving destinations for making holiday in truly enjoyable ways. It is widely acclaimed for its pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, magnificent forts & palaces, prosperous museums & art galleries, historical monuments, lovely lakes, enchanting rivers, gushing waterfalls, historic towns and spice plantations. With so many attractions religious places in Goa includes terrific temples, magnificent churches and make it adeserving holiday destination.

A visit to Goa provides golden opportunity to explore following exotic tourist places and attractions, here we are discussing religious places at first.

The beautiful town of Goa is also widely famous for its magnificent churches. Famous churches are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St Francis of Assisi, Church of Lady of Rosary, Se Cathedral, Chapel of St Catherine, Church of Holy Spirit, Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, St Augustine Church, Mary Immaculate Conception, Reis Magos Church, St Anne Church, St Cajetan Church, St Paul Church, etc. These churches are architecturally beautiful and are living testimonial of rich & glorious historical past of the state. Vacationers on their Goa holiday don’t forget to explore these beautiful churches.


Apart from churches the religious places in Goahouses marvelous temples, acclaimed for artistic grandeur influenced by the Maratha style with Islamic domes and Christian architectural patterns. But the fundamental design is built around the sanctum sanctorum that houses the deity. Goa temples speak of purity and sanctity even after centuries of foreign occupation. Must visit famous Goa temples to see its architectural extravaganza, like:

Mahalaxmi: This famed temple enshrines Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi. Made of black stone, it is unique for being the presiding deity of Panaji, the capital of Goa.

Chandreshwar: Lying on Chandranath hills, it houses a rock carved Shivalinga that oozes whenever rays of full moon fall on it. It offers panoramic views of the green valley.

Saptakoteshwar: A favored deity of Kadamba King, its original temple was destroyed by Portuguese and the idol was shifted to its present site. The linga worshipped here is faceted and is known as Dharalinga.

So apart from visiting different other attractions must visit religious places in Goa to explore more about this destination.

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