Looking For Budget Hotels in Goa Candolim?

Visiting Goa? Coming from overseas? Interstate? Or looking for a local getaway? Then why not visit Candolim Beach – a beautiful coastal suburb that epitomizes the sun, surf and sand lifestyle, whilst only being a short 45-minute drive from the airport. Situated in the northern area of Goa, Candolim beach offers its visitors a vast selection of entertainment, relaxation, food, music, and accommodation.

There are many types of hotels in Goa Candolim on offer, so must have looked at them all. From hotels to motels, to hostels and pub accommodation some go for the cheapest one along with the features like cheerful, clean and always hospitable. Beach accommodation is best for any budget and any sized group. Among all accommodations, Goan Village is a resort that meets all tourist’s budget needs.

Once you tear yourself away from your cabin accommodation comfort and into the action of Candolim Beach you will find that you are spoilt for choice. The main shopping area of Beach is teeming with restaurants and cafes to ensure that whatever you want you will find. You will find all the shops you need and will find you can spend the day just wandering around exploring. But make sure you get to the beach, as it is the highlight of any visit to this Beach.

The gentle waves and soft sand make beach perfect for anyone wanting a nice and relaxing beach experience. There are other areas where people have surf or bodyboard and other areas that are further protected and have tidal pools. So whatever you and your family or friends are looking for beach and the hotels in Goa Candolim will have it.

Holidays or getaways are vital elements to a balanced life but often accommodation is the greatest expense. So book Goan Village among the best affordable hotels in Goa Candolim to meet your perfect budget.

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