Bhitarkanika National Park: A Lesser-Known Weekend Gateway

If you are a wildlife enthusiast you may have heard of Bhitarkanika National Park. Or if you live in some specific cities of Odisha, you may have known of it as a weekend gateway. But mostly Bhitarkanika is not a popular name amongst tourists.

What is Bhitarkanika?

Bhitarkanika is one of the many National Parks in India that stands out for is its crocodile population. The island is basically a delta for the river Brahmani and hence full of small channels and streams of water. This suits perfectly to the lifestyle and breeding of crocodiles. And so it’s a great place for reptile lovers. Of course, one can expect a variety of birds as well given the perfect eco-system of an island.

Bhitarakanika national Park

Where is Bhitarkanika?

Bhitarkanika National Park is located near the coast of Odisha, around 200 km from Bhubaneshwar. The nearest railway station is Bhadrak which is well connected by train to all major cities of the eastern side of India.

When is the best time to visit?

Winter season is the best time to be there. The crocodiles go into hibernation mode with little to no activity. This means they spend most of their day lying on the mud at the bank of the canals, leading to the better sighting of the animal. This is also the time for many migratory birds arriving at Bhitarkanika, which can be a treat for bird lovers. Apart from that tourists can visit the park all around the year. Rainy season can be unpleasant and recommended to avoid.

How to reach there and where to stay?

As you can guess, Bhitarkanika National Park doesn’t have many hotels. There are only a few private hotels and forest lodges. You can plan with Toshali International tour packages, who provides best-staying options along with wild parktour for your weekend vacations. The hotels like Toshali Pushpagiri and Toshali Ratnagiri are the nearest best luxury hotels provided by Toshali International for you.

Bhitarkanika Jungle Resort & Fun Filled Activities

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