Chilika Lake: The Perfect Example of Enhanced Natural Beauty

Chilika Lake located on the beachfront of the Bay of Bengal on Odisha offers idyllic and panoramic scenery, especially for birdwatchers. It will not be wrong to say that it is a paradise for birders. Chilika is winter stop-over of the migratory birds and thus during the season, many exotic and beautiful bird species can be spotted here. The combination comprising the landscape of the region is simply gorgeous with the chirping of birds, aquatic serenity studded with tiny islands and overlooking hills. The sunrises and sunsets enhance the beauty of the arena and make it one of the most beautiful spots in Odisha. If you have plans of discovering the real Odisha, then this spot must be there in your bucket list.

Top Attractions at Chilika Lake

  • Chilika Lake is one of the largest eco-system, supporting exotic flora and fauna. This makes the place perfect for enjoying a variety of wildlife along with beautiful scenic islands and locations.
  • Dolphin Point– Who does not love dolphins. They are the most wonderful creatures and friendly too, overloaded with cuteness. At Chilika Lake you can catch glimpses of these cute creatures. The endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, which are spotted at only 2 Lagoons in the world, can also be spotted here along with the bottle-nosed dolphins.
  • Satpada– At this spot, witness the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Chilika Lake. The panoramic is one of the best sights to behold. Dolphin Point is very near to Satapada and boating activity is offered by the Dolphin Motor Boat Association.
  • Nirmaljhara Island– one of the major picnic spot amidst the brackish water lagoon, Nirmaljhara has mythological significance as it is believed to be connected to Lord Vishnu. A stream flows out of the image of Lord Vishnu which is known as Nirmaljahara.
  • Sankunda Island– Shankh or Breakfast Island- these are the nicknames given to Sankunda Island. Rich floral species can be found at this spot.
  • Bird Island– It is a major spot which is visited by thousands of bird species and thus is an important hub for bird watchers. Rare herbs, trees, creepers, and shrubs comprise the bio-diversity of Bird Island and white granite rocks are among the special attractions.
  • Apart from these Tara Tarini Temple, Mangalajodi, and Kali Jai Temple are other popular attractions.

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