Wonderful Wedding At Exclusive Beach Resort at Puri

For many couples it is a dream to celebrate the wedding on the beach. Especially for those people which are not staying close to a beach. More and more couples consider getting married on the beach because of the romantic style, even in other warm countries.

Here are some great ideas to consider if you are planning a unique exclusive beach resort at Puri.

  1. Invitations for your beach wedding

When you have already decided to get marriage on the beach, stay to this theme and send out some extra ordinary invitations. For example use a printed or self-made card, which shows a beach, shells, and fish theme. Additional you could even put some sand in the card for your guests as a surprise.

  1. Timing for the beach wedding

If you want to hold your celebration at the exclusive beach resort at Puri, please consider to hold it in the morning when the sun comes up. Less people are at the beach in comparison with the afternoon. Keep away from crowded beaches. Celebrate your wedding in a quiet and private location. There you will find plenty of empty beaches or else you can book your wedding at Toshali Sands. It is a four star resort near Balighai beach, Puri provides wide range of wedding themes and different kind of styles to make a memorable celebration.

Toshali Sand is offering its’ nostalgic wedding location with local touch of contemporary art work  by inspiring patachitra artists that simply celebrates the heritage of east India.

  1. Ideal beach wedding place

The ideal place is a natural ceiling, such as palm, or other big trees. If you can’t find such a natural shade place, consider to put up a temporary solution for the wedding or else let the wedding planner at Toshali Sands, the exclusive beach resort at Puri to arrange everything for you. Toshali Sands’ surrounded natural scenic views, You just sit and tell about your need for the wedding and everything will be done as per your choice and budget by the planners.

  1. Wedding decoration

Return to the beach wedding theme. What would fit with this theme? Do not consider plastic tables and chairs, or either glass tables. Rattan furniture or any other natural material will fit much better.

For your table decoration use tropical flowers, different kind of corals, seashells and other thinks, which are related to the beach theme. At Toshali Sands you can plan for exclusive cuisines for the wedding celebration. Even if you are planning for in-house wedding then Toshali’s impressive interior definitely going to win hearts of both host and guests.

Of course there are many more points to consider in detail for the beach wedding at exclusive beach resort at Puri and you can be creative to plan your unique beach wedding celebration with some help from others.

Make a plan and collect your entire beach wedding ideas and select what is possible. You can find wide range choices at Toshali Sands, the exclusive beach resort at Puri.

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