Toshali Sands Puri Resort: Adding A New Dimension to LifeStyle

Today, the concept of health club has undergone a drastic change. It is now one of the key revenue generators for luxury hotels and resorts. Things are very specialized. No more just a gym and massages, now they offer a whole range of products, treatments and therapies, and services for holistic wellness. When you will go to Puri, there every single luxury hotel and Puri resort is offering exclusive wellness packages to its customers. Specialists are offering to counsel on diet, nutrition, weight loss, slimming, fitness, beauty, body care, and general well-being. The underlying philosophy is to help the guests remain healthier.

The demand for wellness travel has given the hospitality industry a new niche, the wellness hotels in Puri, or a Puri resort. A well-planned wellness resort in an attractive resort location offers all the luxuries of a resort hotel. Besides, it offers a well equipped Wellness product. The facilities in these resorts vary but generally include a range of restaurants or food outlets, bars and clubs, business facilities, meetings and conferencing, entertainment and indoor and outdoor sports. The main emphasis in these resorts is the wellness center.

A luxury wellness center will include a well equipped and fitted gym with personal counselors and trainers, a range of body baths, steam, sauna, solar therapy, and so on. Wellness hotels located in an area with natural springs even offer natural spring water soaks, dips or baths, several swimming pools, different types of body and massage therapies, yoga, aroma and color therapy, skin treatment therapies, beauty treatments, and the list is ever-increasing. Needless to say that the hotel employs specialists in all areas to counsel and physically render various therapies to the guests and residents.

Some wellness resorts like Toshali Puri resort with enough landscape offers its gated jogging tracks within the resort. Wellness resorts offer enough outdoor activity to its residents. They have tennis courts and badminton courts on the premises. Alternatively they have arrangements with a local club for use of facilities by its residents.

Toshali Sands Puri resort is one of its kind to combines vacation with wellness. Of late, it is observed that big corporations also patronize wellness resorts as their meetings and conference venues, combining business with wellness.

Wellness hotels need an in-depth study and research on the needs and demands of its potential guests, the competition within the area, and how to ensure that the resort remains competitive for at least the next four to five years.

Wellness Puri resort-like Toshali Sands, on one hand define your lifestyle, and, on the other it offers a perfect opportunity to fuse your holidays with your well-being. Live healthy for you only live once!

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