How To Get The Best Rate Resorts at Balighai?

Are you searching for the BEST RATE resorts at Balighai Puri?

As a traveler, you must have checked tons of websites to find the best place that fits your needs with the best rate of the resorts in Puri. Good vacation starts from a good staying place, the place that will let you enjoy what you like without hassle. Here are a few steps to find the best resorts at Balighai with the best rates.

Make a TO DO list

First of all, you should know what you like to do on your vacation? You may like to enjoy sightseeing to see a new place and spend almost all day outside the hotels, resorts have fun with sports activities on the beach in front of your hotel, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife or just relax on the beach or poolside.

You may want to do everything, don’t worry, Puri can serve all that, you just make a list to make sure that you will get the hotels in the location that serves all your TO DO lists. If you travel as a family, make sure you think about everyone’s needs.

Pick your Hotel Location in Puri

For accommodation choices, Puri can be divided into few main areas, such as beach area, swarga dwar, hotels near the temple, accommodation at Marine Drive,and the hotels and resorts at Balighai. Different styles of hotels are available – hotels, resorts, or guest houses – varying by quality, taste, and budget. Whatever budget you can afford, there is no doubt you will find accommodation that fits your pocket and lifestyle.

Make a “Must Have” Hotel Facilities List

Swimming pool, Gym, Laundry, Internet Access, Spa, 24 hours Restaurant, Cable TV, Family Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Your Language Speaking Concierge, Clean, Friendly Staffs, etc.

Of course, you want all those services but please be aware of your budget. So make sure that you separate the “Must Have” and “Nice to Have” lists.

 Set up your Budget Range

Hotel prices vary as per their location and services. So before selecting the right kind of accommodation for your stay, select your budget. If you are looking for a crowd less peaceful ambiance with a private beach then charges are a little higher. If you are staying just at the front of the beach then also prices will be a little higher. If you want a less budget hotel then you can stay in the middle of the city or near the Jagannath temple. Again room charges of resorts at Balighai vary. If you are ok with any room just giving priority to the services then charges are normal. If you want a balcony view room or a beach view room then again charges will be different. Charges vary as per rooms such as Deluxe rooms, Executive rooms, Villas,  Cottages, etc.

Search for What Hotel is Right for You

You can easily find if the hotels or resorts are directly on the beach or any interesting places nearby. The best of all is the hotel reviews, many good comments of each hotel from the travelers who stayed there before that will tell you about the hotel’s services, the cleanliness, the convenience, and much more that you will not find in the official hotels’ page. Before booking resorts at Balighai, must go through customer reviews.

Search for BEST RATE hotels

People used to spend a lot of time searching for the Best Rate for hotels of their choice in Puri destinations. Always compare the prices before finalizing one. Be careful when you compare the price, Some websites will show the price that NOT includes Tax and Service Charge so you have to go all the way to almost the payment stage to see the real cost, some websites will show you the net price that includes everything without any hidden cost.

Don’t Forget to Check Special Promotion

Every website always offers a good promotion, don’t forget to look for the “Special Promotion” page.

Should you book now or wait? When is the best time to book hotels?

Sure you can book now, good hotels always fully booked very quickly especially in resorts at Balighai because people also like to have vacations in Puri plus many festivals and big conferences always be held in Puri.

Print out Your Confirmation and/or Receipt to Show When Check In

This is to prevent any mistake that may happen such as the hotel front staff cannot find your booking.

Hope this information helps you a lot in finding the best suitable room among the best resorts at  Balighai searches.

When you are planning your beach holiday at Puri, then must consider hotels and resorts at Balighai beach. Because if you want to get a real glimpse of luxury then you will find here the best.

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