Things You Should Take Care at Puri Car Festival

Rath Yatra is a festival of glory of the Indian beliefs and no matter what, it’s a festival of pride for all the Hindus. Hence it is advisable to participate in every ritual taking place during the ceremony in order to enjoy the celebration and understand it closely. Participation will let you experience a different level. Joining this auspicious celebration that is going to take place on 4th July this year. Do proper planning and be prepare for to adjust with the overcrowd place, which will be full of tourists and busy with this world famous festival of Puri.

Here are the things you should take care during Puri Rath Yatra:

What you should do:

  • Buy big pot for GundichaMarjan for cleaning Gundicha Temple. Because for cleaning you have to fill the pot from hand pump, which is placed outside of the temple. So with small pot u have to go in-out- many times, which means simply waste of time.
  • Try to book your hotel close to the Temple. So you can save your time of internal traveling in Puri dham.
  • On Rath Yatra day get up early like 5 am & try to get inside the temple before 6-7 am. The ceremony call Pahandi in which Panda carries Lord Jagannath from alter to Ratha, starts after 7 am. In this ceremony Lord Jagannath wears a beautiful Mukuta, which is removed inside the Temple at this time. Its an event to capture since, Lord Jagannath dances inside the temple. It is the most beautiful scene you will ever see. SO DON’T MISS IT. There will be ticket for entering inside the Temple, so book it one day before.
  • Choose your Rath Yatra package from your hotel and enjoy your tour in and around Puri along with visiting all holy GaudiyaVaishnavas spots in Puri. There are around 8 spots.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • If you are going in group then don’t order food from a particular hotel or arrange  temple Prasad for entire group. Pay individually each time where ever you eat.

Puri is too big & crowded during Yatra, so you have to travel by walking from hotel to Rath Yatra marg or any other spot. So if you order your food at any particular hotel then you have to travel to that hotel from wherever you are every time, so again waste of time. Anyway you have to pay for food then don’t waste your time in traveling, just eat at nearest hotel or bhojanalaya every time.

  • Don’t carry money & mobile in bead-bag or money belt. Local thefts know you are using zipper pocket bead-bag so they just steal your bead-bags within the heavy crowd.
  • It is advisable to participate in pulling the Rath on the 2nd day to avoid the crowd on the 1st day. Lakhs of people participate in the ceremony on the 1st day, it has been fatal due to stamp for new visitors.
  • You tend to get lost in the huge crowd so avoid travelling alone to ensure your safety too.

Follow all the above tips to keep yourself safe and your family or group of visitors. Have a wonderful Yatra and an auspicious Celebration!

Puri Car Festival is the famous festival that has been celebrated by world over people. To see this festival and get blessings of lord, you will find a huge crowd here. So It is wise to take precautions and enjoy a safe and blissful celebration.

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