Suna Besa: The Last Precious Ceremony of Rath Yatra

Suna Besha in Puri observed five times during a year. Generally the besha happen on Bijaya Dashami in October, Kartik Purnima in November Pausa Purnima in December,  Magha Purnima in January & Asadha Ekadashi in July . The last Besha is observed on the chariot in front of Temple, other four Besha are observed in temple. Continue reading Suna Besa: The Last Precious Ceremony of Rath Yatra

Jagannath Puri temple: The most pious destination

Located in the state of Odisha, the Jagannath Puri templewas built in honor of “Lord Jagganath” that literary means “Lord of the Universe”. The temple worships the wooden form of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra in its premises. The Jagannath Temple Puri is one of the most pious char dhams in Hinduism. As a result, the temple is visited by numerous devotees who wish to pay their homage to the deities and seek their blessings.

One of the most waited and grant event associated with the temple is the Rath Yatra that is celebrated on Ashad Shukla Dwitiya (second day in bright fortnight of Ashad month). The Rath Yatra 2013 falls on the 10th of July and the last day of the Yatra can be observed on 19th of July. Preparations of the Rath Yatra begin very earlier from the day of its commencement. Millions of craftsmen begin the process of construction of the huge and massive chariots on which the deities rides to their Aunt’s house for a nine day stay. The chariots are made from trees like phassi, dhausa, etc by team of carpenters who hold hereditary rights and privileges for it. The chariots are decorated as per a unique scheme that is being followed from centuries and covered with bright canopies made from stripes of different colored clothes.

On the graceful day of the Yatra, the deities come out of their holy abode and ride the chariots towards the Gundicha Ghar Temple. The act of pulling the chariots is considered sacred and thus attracts millions of tourists and devotees. The event gather vast multitude of devotees and pilgrims who wish to catch a glimpse of the adorned chariots and the Lords.

The deities enjoy the most delectable cuisines and sweets during their nine day stay at the Gundicha Ghar Temple. On the last day of the Rath Yatra known as “Bahuda Yatra”, the deities ride back to the Jagannath Temple.