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Suna Besa: The Last Precious Ceremony of Rath Yatra

Suna Besha in Puri observed five times during a year. Generally the besha happen on Bijaya Dashami in October, Kartik Purnima in November Pausa Purnima in December,  Magha Purnima in January & Asadha Ekadashi in July . The last Besha is observed on the chariot in front of Temple, other four Besha are observed in temple. This golden attire ritual has been observed since 1232. During the reign of AnagaVimaDev the king of Utkal. The Gods are decorated with various gold ornaments during Besha. The total weight of the Ornaments are more than one quintal. The name of the ornaments as per Local Language as follows. Lord Balavadra Sri Payar ( Foot ), Sri bhuja ( Hand) Sri KiritOdhiyaniKundar (Ear Ring ), Surya ,Chandra , Adakani. Different bides like Khagada, Kadamba, TilakachandrikaAlaka, GhobaKanthi, HalaMusala ( Weapons ) Bahada Mali Goddes Subhadra Kiriti, Odiani, Kana, Surya, Chandra, Ghagadamali, Kadamba Mali, Tadagi and Sevatimali. Lord Jagannath Sri Payar ( Foot ), Sri Bhuja, li Kiriti, Odiani, Chandra Surya, Kana, Adakari, Ghagada Mali, Kadamba Mali, Tilak, Chandrika, Alaka, Jhobakanthi, Chandra Surya, Swarna Chakra, RopyaSankha, Harida, Kadamba Mali ( bids ), Sevati Mali.

Suna Besha ritual is the appearance of Lord Jagannath in a new dress on the chariot on the last day of the Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. In 2017, the date of Suna Besha is July 4. After the end of Bahuda Yatra on the ninth day of the Puri Rath Yatra, the chariots of the three deities are stationed outside the Puri Jagannath Temple. On the next day, Lord Jagannath will give darshan to devotees in a new dress with gold ornaments sitting on the Ratha outside the temple.

During Suna Besha a devotee can have the darshan of Lord Jagannath fully dressed with gold ornaments, weapons and also have a rare darshan of the complete arms, palms and feet of the Lord. There is a popular belief that a person who has darshan of Lord Jagannath with Suna Besha on the chariot will not have rebirth.

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