Resorts in Downtown Puri like Heaven

Downtown Puri is a wonderfully convenient place to stay, most everything you need is within walking distance, or can easily be reached by just hopping on a baht bus.

The city is called as the spiritual capital of Odisha, an Indian state. When you are planning for a holiday then go for resorts in downtown Puri to enjoy your best within your budget.

Right in downtown Puri, more precisely, on the beach road and at Konark-Puri Marine Drive road, there are many biggest and best resorts and hotels in Puri are available for you. You must try something new to make your stay most exciting.

Being typical ‘resort-style hotels at Marine Drive’ they are spacious and have extensive gardens, large swimming pools, places to relax outdoors, and places to places to play.They are great places to be, cool places to hang out. They are a retreat, a haven. A self-contained oasis within, but separated from anything and everything else which might be happening in Puri.

Among many luxury hotels and resorts near Marine Drive road, you can book your best one.

Toshali Sands is a 4- star resort, the only resort with direct access to Puri Beach, and just a short walk to the picturesque Balighai beach. The resort is situated at a cool and calm destination,so that along with enjoying a great lavish holiday, people will enjoy a peaceful ambiance.

At Toshali Sands Leisure facilities include swimming pool,indoor gaming zone, fitness center, spa, wellness packages, kids club and playground, multi-cuisine restaurant, and many more. This is one of the best resorts in downtown Puri, where you will find all sorts of holiday offers. Whether it is your leisure vacation, wedding destination, honeymoon destination, or conference point, you will find the best services of its kind. So book your resort in Puri to enjoy a great yet budgeted holiday in Puri.

What’s good about these resorts is, not only can you have a great day out enjoying some of the many fun things to do in Puri, you can have a great day in doing fun things at the resort-like Toshali Sands.

If you enjoy the peace of resorts like these, We suggest you also consider a beach-front resort. There are some best resorts in downtown Puri, which are still conveniently located nearby.

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