Checklist for Boutique Hotel Blogging Success

How can you tell that your boutique hotel blogging efforts are paying off? Or what signals will let you know that you’re on the right track with your boutique hotel blog?

While your blog may have different goals – building brand awareness, generating user engagement, converting readers into paying guests, etc. – these questions are a good starting point to gauge the success of your efforts.

  • Have you set out a schedule for your posts and executed on it? For Toshali Sands, a four-star resort in Puri, our SEO team has set different schedules for different types of postings like article posting, blog posting, social media posting, and many other digital marketing postings.
  • Does your boutique hotel’s blog have a theme that differentiates you from the competition?
  • Are your posts written in a tone and voice that line up with your boutique hotel’s brand? Our hotel posts mostly acquire a friendly tone with clients. Our selling tone is more polite and friendly as it is in the hospitality business.
  • Do you solve problems or answer questions for (potential) guests? Do they demonstrate their interest and gratitude by staying on your site, leaving comments, or sharing your posts? If no then start soon.
  • Are you meeting the goals you’ve set for how much traffic you want to see visit your blog? At first, it can help to focus mostly on growing and doing better than yesterday, but at a certain point, you want to assess whether the attention justifies the effort. Google Analytics is the most popular tool for measuring blog traffic. It’s important to pay attention to the time on site, and pages per visit along with the number of page views and visitors you attract.
  • Do your blog posts start conversations on social media? Are they being shared widely? Networks (Facebook in particular) have robust tools for social media sharing metrics as do many of the tools like Buffer, Sprout, or Hootsuite that you’ll use to schedule your posts.
  • Are you seeing an appropriate number of blog post readers convert into paying guests? Have a look at our post on boutique hotel conversion rates for more on why they are important and how to use Google Analytics to track them.

Just follow this checklist to achieve online success for your boutique hotel.

For Toshali Sands, we are updating our digital marketing works every time to achieve success along with coping with the changing trends.

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