Noteworthy Places to visit in Puri

I planned to discover the pious destination of Puri during my weekend getaway with a friend of mine who was the native and was studying with me in college. Being the best buddies in college, my entire family knew him very well and spotting him at our special functions was something like a habit for all of my family members. So when he asked me to accompany him to Puri for a weeklong fun then it was really easy for me to convince my family. So booked our Puri tickets and were all set to explore the pious destination, actually exploring it was mine part of the story because it was me who was going to be there for the first time.

As soon we reached his house that seemed a family of cheery people all of whom were waiting at the front door was really an amazing experience. So were welcomed in and offered a healthy breakfast after we were done with the shower. After the breakfast my friend took out his motorcycle as it was enough for both of us to visit the nearby Places to see in Puri. Being close to the Jagannath temple, he took me for a darshan of the Lord and explained the significance of the 11th century masterpiece that today stands as an epitome of religious aura. Counted among the most religious Attraction in Puri, a visit to the temple was truly a surreal experience for me. Thereafter, we visited some of the local shops and markets as part of our Sightseeing in Puri. The best thing that he brought from here was a prasad called Khajja that was simply awesome.

Our weeklong stay in Puri was really mesmerizing as I discovered some of the most amazing facts about Puri and visited notable attraction in and around Puri like Bhubaneshwar, Konark, Chilika Lake Etc. well today we are heading back to Mumbai but I will surely get back to Puri once again as they say in Puri once is not enough.

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