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As we were returning from the pious Jagannath Temple after a divine darshan of Lord, the revering site was not getting out of our head, chock-a-block with pilgrims and devotees, enchants and prayers, all of this was really an incredible moment for me.  Moreover, after visiting the famous Gundicha Ghar Temple and exploring the local markets, I along with my friends decided to get back to Toshali Sands, the resort where we were enjoying a plush accommodation. So we got back into our can and asked the driver to ride us back to the resort that was hardly a few minutes from these places. Our discussions ended as soon we entered the hotel premises. The state-of-the art infrastructure was a perfect amalgamation of plushness and comfort that a traveler long for in Puri. From restaurants, swimming pool, fitness center to spa & Ayurveda Packages in Puri, the resort offered every facility that a traveler looks after.

While enquiring at the reception, I came to know about the exclusive Balighai Beach tour that the resort offers to its customers. Thrilled by all this, I ran to my friends who had just booked some of the Ayurveda facilities in Toshali Sands Resort as most of them seemed very much in need of some rejuvenation. Being one of the best Ayurveda resorts in Puri, Toshali Sands Resort had lined up some of the most relieving services in their catalogue.

As soon my pals came back to life after an ayurvedic session, I broke the good news to them and all of us decided to make it up to the beach after a scrumptious lunch affair. And, now I perfectly knew where to head on to the sightseeing tour can get on my nerves.  So if you are in search of Ayurvedic Panchkarma in Orissa then head on to Toshali Sands Puri for a perfect rejuvenation experience.

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