Latest Tourist Attraction Of Ratnagiri

Orissa has a wide range of tourist’s attractions it is a beautiful state that has something to the interest of every individual. The latest tourist attractions of Ratnagiri that includes a number of recently excavated sites of glorious Buddhism. These Buddhist heritage sites have gained enormous attention of the domestic and foreign tourists.

Some of the important and frequently visited tourist destinations in and around Ratnagiri are Dhauligiri, Lalitgiri, and Udayagiri etc. All these places have the most important monasteries, stupas and chaityas. These destinations and the recently recovered Buddhist sites have once again attracted a lot of attention for Buddhism.

To provide quality accommodations to lager number of tourists there are many hotels and resorts available for your stay. Toshali Ratnagiri is one of the frequently visited resorts of the place. It is a true example of modern facilities with the beautiful touch of cultural hospitality.

The comfort of the room, flavours of the freshly cooked food in the restaurant and the refreshing flavours of the bar adds more charm to your stay.

At the same time you also get easy access to all the important places to visit in Ratnagiri. Being at Toshali Ratnagiri not only saves your precious time in travelling but at the same time also gives you the opportunity to explore maximum number of places within your limited time. So if you want to have a memorable trip with your family and friends then Ratnagiri is just the right destination for your vacations.