Attractive Activity in Goa

Goa is a beautiful emerald located in the West Indian region known as Konkan. Goa is a brilliant mix of Indian and Portuguese architecture. Goa has always been an attraction to large number of local and foreign tourists. It has been famous for its marvelous sightseeing options, exotic beaches and amazing nightlife. There are many beautiful hotels in Goa which have been extending their services to all their guests by providing quality accommodations.

The religious places in Goa are also very famous among the tourists for its remarkable beauty and great architecture. These religious places include churches, temples and mosques. The churches of Goa represent the architectural style of the Portuguese and some of them belong from 1510-1550 AD. The beautifully constructed temples differ from the other temple designs found in rest of the India. One of the ancient period mosques that has still managed to survive belongs to the 16thcentury.

Apart for these sightseeing places there are many other activities in Goathat can be explored and enjoyed with your family and friends. The availability of a variety of adventure sports, beach sports and other sports gives you a many options to enjoy the thrilling adventure in Goa. At the same time the nightlife of Goa is also extremely famous that often reminds you of the hippy culture. The clubs, pubs and restaurants stay open till late night and the groovy music played in all these places adds more fun to your evenings. It can be said Goa is just the perfect holiday destination for your holidays.

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