Find Budget-Friendly Best Hotels in Goa

Budget best hotels in Goa run the gamut, serving all types of travelers with different needs. While the type of rooms and services offered may differ, you should be prepared for some of the following characteristics to be fairly consistent:

  • Rooms are a small size
  • Lowest rate rooms typically have small windows
  • Amenities are basic and no-frills
  • Tiny bathrooms with showers only
  • Breakfast is usually not included, or if so, very minimal

On the upside, these hotels are typically quite modern and clean. Practically all offer 24-hours check-in and will store your luggage and valuables for you. Most of them will also provide Wi-Fi Internet access, although you will need to check if you need to pay a charge for it.

Here’s a quick guide to the different kinds of budget best hotels in Goa that you will encounter during your research:

Budget Hotels

There are three large local chains operating a spread of budget Goa hotels: The hotels offer no-frills rooms for travelers that prioritize value. The budget standard mostly available with variety in its hotels, ranging from the basic to the most luxurious.

Old-School Hotels

These are older best hotels in Goa which have seen better days but offer value-for-money. If you don’t mind that the rooms look a little outdated, you can find larger rooms, more amenities, and facilities like a pool and cafe, without paying pricey rates.

Hotspot Hotels

These are small budget hotels that spring up around a tourist hotspot. They typically offer small, no-frills rooms at affordable rates to tourists who spend the whole day outside and just need a place to rest the night. The lack of amenities is made up of the plentiful conveniences just outside.

Business Economy Hotels

These are the best hotels catering to business travelers or groups. They tend to be modern, large and conveniently located, making them good choices for tourists as well. These hotels are likely to have some facilities as well.

Boutique Hotels

These should be the choice of intrepid travelers who want unique experiences. Usually converted out of historic buildings, the new breed of budget boutique hotels makes shabby-chic their motto and will add to your fascinating travel tales.

A final tip – the above best hotels in Goa are arranged in ascending order according to their price range.

Budget best hotels in Goa offer competitive prices, providing budget travelers with an affordable accommodation option.

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