Simlipal: the region that woos travelers

For wildlife enthusiasts, the region of Simlipal has a lot more than their expectations. The entire region is noted for its beauteous environs, rich wildlife and accommodation near the jungle. And, when it so beguiling then how can travelers let go off such a wonderful opportunity. So I packed up my essential from my hotel in Puri and started to head to Simlipal to enjoy a two day stay in & around Simlipal.

While heading towards the region, I was really excited to explore the wildlife hotspot that a prime center of attraction for many wildlife lovers and adventure seekers. While the range of flora and fauna species boast a vast bio-diversity. The beguiling environs consolidated the beauty of the entire region. The waterfalls namely Bahrepani and Joranda Falls were so astounding that you cannot resist their charm. One can also bask a picnic over here and enjoy their day out. The very best factor that I liked about Simlipal was that it was so easily accessible that when it comes to Getting around in Simlipal one never has to face any hassle. Toshali Jungle Lodge, the lodge that I stayed in for the entire two days stay in Simlipal offers finest accommodation to travelers who wish to bask their weekends in & around Simlipal.

Further, there were many notable nearby tourist places Simlipal all of which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of cities, to the most natural environs.

Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Home to Rich Wildlife

The early morning rays and chirping of birds along with some fainted noises that were coming from the woods woke me up. As I looked outside, the sun was on its way to outshine everything on earth. The entire region of the Tiger Reserve in Simlipal is famous for its wilderness and tranquility was something that I was really basking out. The cottage that I had booked for the entire week long stay were built up so magnificently in the traditional way that one gets a feeling living in the original homes of Odisha.

The Simlipal Tiger Reserve was originally built in order to preserve the tigers and it today stands as one of the famous Tigers reserve in Orissa that has played a vital role in preserving the endangered cat. The entire region seems wrapped with a blanket of lush greenery. Nestled in the most amazing environs of Simlipal the entire lodge is nothing less than a heavenly accommodation experience to you. And, when you can explore the rich wildlife then no one can dare to miss such a beguiling opportunity.

During my visit to the reserve I witnessed lush green surroundings that were inhabited by numerous small reptiles and birds. The flock of birds flying in a circle over our head seemed as if they are welcoming us. Some of the other animals one can see around are leopards, elephants, sambhars, antelops, langurs, monkeys, gaur, sloth bears etc. Moreover, the birds namely gray hornbill, peafowl, India pied hornbill, crested serpent eagle, Indian trogon etc along with some of the reptiles were also commonly seen species here.

Simlipal National Park: a plethora of wildlife

A friend of mine who wished to visit Simlipal asked for some of my experiences that I had been through during my visit to the famous national Park in Orissa. So here I am with the most amazing Simlipal National Park facts and highlights that every travelers must know. One can find numerous tour packages for Simlipal that can really help you out in exploring the national park.

Located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, Simlipal National Park is a famous national park and elephant reserve that is one of the most notable wildlife centers in the state of Orissa. The national park that got its name from “Semul”, a red silk cotton tree found in abundance in Simlipal has been turning in an array of wildlife lovers, adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Simlipal National park tours in Orissa welcome travelers to the world of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Some of the species found here are Barking deer, Chausingha, Giant squirrel, Red Jungle fowl, Crested Serpent Eagle etc. and, the most amazing thing is you never know what you might discover in Simlipal.

The amazing Barehipani and Jordana waterfalls will bewitch you with the very first look. So whether it’s your craving for a surreal holidaying experience or your idea of an adventurous getaway, Simlipal has it all to make it come true. And, make sure to take enough days off for this getaway so that you can never miss out any of its fantastic highlights.

Explore a Plethora of Bio-Diversity at Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

My trip to Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary was truly an everlasting one that I will rejoice for the rest times of my life. The trip that was planned as part of a group weekend getaway was something that I experienced for the first time and that too in the state of Orissa. After a lot of online searches we decided to visit this sanctuary that is located in the Mayurbhanj district of the state of Orissa, and is one of the famous national parks in Odisha. When we learnt that its one of the far-famed wildlife hotspot between national and international tourists, the Simlipal national park is home to some of the rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, we just couldn’t wait any longer and booked one of the Orissa Wildlife Tour Packages.

Some of the species we found here were Royal Bengal Tigers, Wild elephants, Indian Bisons, Chausingha, Mugger Crocodile and orchidarium. The waterfalls namely Joranda and Barehipani were so beguiling that one can’t resist their charm. Moreover, one can also spot birds such as Red Jungle fowl, Alexandrine Parakeet, Hill Mynah, Peacock, Grey Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill as well as various reptiles. And, the best thing one can bask here is the adjoining settlements of the Santhal tribe that introduces one to the traditional facet of Goa. Well! I had a great time visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary Orissa, and if you are envying it all then book out your Simlipal tour. Do let me know about your experience in Simlipal.

Noteworthy Tourist Places in Simlipal

As soon I arrived in Simlipal, the first and foremost thing that I had on my mind is to find such an accommodation that can really help me out in exploring the rich wildlife of the region. So I took my backpack and entered this very lodge called Toshali Jungle Lodge. As soon I walked into the lobby, a warm welcome was the very first thing I was showered with. After enquiring about the facilities and tariff and other essential things, I checked in. So this was the first day that I had in Simlipal. After some refreshment, I took my Simlipal guide and tried looking out for the page that read Tourist Places in Simlipal. I was turning on the pages my eyes struck to the wildlife description of the region. I must say every wildlife lover should visit Simlipal once. The book read that it houses Royal Bengal Tigers, wild elephants, mugger crocodiles, Chowsingha, Sambhar, common langur as part of the fauna diversity followed by a rich heritage of flora. Moreover, some of the avi-fauna found here were listed as Peacock, Red Jungle Fowl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Hill mynah etc. with their not so easily articulable scientific names.

After reading out a bit from the so called travel Guide, I went out and tried to explore some of the Simlipal Attractions and click Mother Nature in her best moods so far. One of the best things that consolidate the beauty of this place is the fact that the park is crisscrossed twelve rivers that makes it a wonderful spot for trekking. Barehipani and Joranda Waterfalls were another place that I really like among the famous tourist places near Simlipal.

Safari in Simlipal National Park

Elevated Hills, Gushing waterfalls and dense foliage is what describes Simlipal National Park in the most efficient way. For a wildlife lover Simlipal turns out to be a paradise that offers a heavenly experience to every visitor. So if you truly can’t resist yourself envying that then just reach out to this bio-diversity hot spot that is counted among the famous national parks in Orissa. The very first sight that I witnessed here was far flung greenery that seemed so vast that it would lead you to the farthest corner of the state.

So there I was ready for a nice weeklong stay in Orissa that started with a Safari in Simlipal National Park. Being a solo traveler I always loved to take things in my own hands and explore some nearby places. After checking in at the resort that I had booked here, I decided to refresh and then pay a call to the nearby area of the Simlipal National Park. To my amazement I was not the only one roaming around the resort but few other travelers who too were fond of this world of serenity and true beauty. So I even got the chance to get to know some follow travelers who were staying nearby. One think that I would really assure you is that this place will never let you have any second thoughts about the lodging here as one can come across numerous Resorts Near Simlipal National Park that offers optimum facilities to travelers. Throughout my stay I really enjoyed the entire trip and caught sight of the various flora and fauna species like tigers, elephants, deer, leopards, langurs, crocodiles as well as bird life. Moreover, the Barehipani and Joranda Waterfall were truly awe-inspiring that spell bounded me with the very first look. A trip to the temples and the tribal village of Simlipal brought an end to my safari that was really awesome and worthy a lifetime memory.

Toshali Jungle Lodge: Accommodation in The Laps of Mother Nature

Dwelt by nature, Simlipal is home to Toshali Jungle Lodge a far-famed name in the list of accommodation places in Simlipal. The jungle lodge is one of the most famous one stop destinations for travelers who wish to explore the rich wildlife of Orissa. Here you can experience the most exotic accommodation in the laps of Mother Nature. Toshali Jungle Lodge offers you the finest of all accommodation and never lets you half-way house with your luxury & comfort. A perfect paradigm of contemporary facilities and tranquil environs, the lodge is the best place for travelers from the domestic and foreign lands.

Owing to its perfect location, travelers can easily explore the famous wildlife center of Orissa known as Simlipal National Park. The national park that is one of the most visited wildlife hub is home to a rare & endangered species of flora and fauna. In addition to this, the national park is dotted with numerous beguiling river namely Kahairi, Burhabalanga, Bandan, Palpala and so on. Moreover, the sprawling gushing waterfalls are the other eternal attractions here. Such is the vista of these natural highlights that you will be spell bounded with the very first sight.

So visit Simlipal and hone your tour with the best Accommodation in Simlipal at the Toshali Jungle Lodge where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. Owing to its latest facilities & amenities, a stay at the lodge will be a lifetime experience that you will rejoice forever. Located far away from the hustle of the city, it is an ideal place for a peaceful getaway.

Enjoy the most satisfying experience at Toshali Jungle Lodge

Toshali Jungle Lodge offers accommodation facilities in and around Simlipal to travelers who wish to explore the rich wildlife heritage of the state of Odisha that this region embraces. The lodge offers the finest and luxurious facilities to guests to make sure they enjoy a memorable stay at Toshali. Located in the most serene environs, the lodge takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the best place to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. From spacious and fully furnished rooms, restaurant, outdoor game facilities to bonfire arrangements and trekking assistance, the lodge has got it all to beguile travelers.

A perfect place for those who wish to explore the best of Simlipal accommodation, the lodge is one of its kinds. Apart from all these services and facilities, the lodge also arranges guide, who enables you to explore the rich wildlife of Simlipal National park. The national park is home to some of the rare & endangered varieties of Royal Bengal Tigers, Wild elephants, Indian Bisons, Chausingha, orchidarium, Junglefowl, Alexandrine Parakeet, Crested Serpent Eagle as well as other species of flora & fauna. The national park is known for its bio-diversity and is this visited by travelers in huge numbers who find the best of accommodation at Toshali Jungle Lodge, which is one of the best Resorts near Simlipal National Park.

So if you really wish to explore some wildlife as well as a luxurious stay this time, then Simlipal is the best choice for you.

India’s Top Most Visiting National Park – Simlipal

Simlipal National Park is one of the famous national parks of India, situated in the Mayurbhanj district, Odisha. Spread across a total of 845.70 sq. km. The national park houses a rare variety of flora and fauna. The variety comprises Royal Bengal Tigers, Wild elephants, Gaurs, Chausingha, orchidarium and many more. The National Park got its name from the abundance of red silk cotton trees called “Semul” found here. Every year, the Simplipal national park is visited by an array of travelers, who wish to explore the rich wildlife heritage that dwells in this ecosystem.

To accommodate the crowd of globetrotters, a wide range of jungle lodge has lined up some of the most awesome facilities in their catalogue. Located amidst the lush green environs of the national park, the lodge offers some of the best accommodation to travelers. One such name that is applauded for its impeccable services is Toshali jungle Lodge. The jungle lodge offers a home like experience away from home and amidst the wilderness. The lodge offers best Simlipal accommodation that enables travelers to explore the rich wildlife and indulge into some thrilling adventures. To make sure the guest don’t have to compromise with their luxurious needs, the lodge provides a comfy and lavish staying experience

So if you wish to explore the rich wildlife of Simlipal National Park, then head on to Toshali, where luxury is the way of living. Your tour will be an everlasting one that you will cherish throughout your life.