Toshali Jungle Lodge Provides Best Attractions In Simlipal

Toshali Jungle Lodge is a blessing for travelers and tourists, who love to spend their time under nature. As Hotel industry in Odisha is growing very fast, it is also developing jungle lodges to attract people for the natural holiday. Toshali jungle lodge is such accommodation available in Simlipal jungle lodge that not only provide you world class accommodation but also let you introduce to the jungle world by making your wonderful staying amidst of the forest.

The lodge is one of the best hotels in Simlipal Odisha that offer holidays are an excellent idea for the people to celebrate their weekend under blended nature and comfort. People who are searching for a different holiday they are most welcome at Toshali lodge to experience a unique holiday. The surroundings of this jungle are every tourist’s delight. The attraction in Simlipal includes the places like


Newani, Joranada and Borehipani are the amazing waterfalls that you will love to enjoy at Simlipal.


It is one the historical place near Haripur that is founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanj. The Radha Mohan temple, present here is a known for its rectangular shape and Goudiya architecture style.


It is famous attractions in Simlipal that includes shrine of deity Ambika. The main attraction her is the waterfall that falls from the height of 50 fit.  Make your stay in best Simlipal hotels to enjoy all the tidbits of this National park and the nearby places.


Bhimkund has an ancient reservoir and based on mythological history, it is believed that it is one of the places where Pandavas during Mahabharata time took bath in this kund, when they used to stay in Biratnagar.