Reasons to Spend Days At A Premium Four-Star Resort Like Toshali Sands

With a plethora of both stunning virgin beaches and breathtaking temples, Puri brings you the best of all the worlds. You’ve also got your number of beach-side stays to look out for, making this state the most visited town in the country. Continue reading Reasons to Spend Days At A Premium Four-Star Resort Like Toshali Sands

Toshali Sands: Best Puri Business Hotel

A Puri business hotel marketing proposal is your success plan to fill up the rooms of your new hotel. A marketing plan concentrates on the hotel’s services, Promotion, Price, and Place, however, don’t ignore clients’ retention and key partnerships. The entire fundamentals must be specified to your hotel’s forthcoming customers and the geographic locale. For each hotel, the essential product presented is the services, which include different category holiday rooms, meeting rooms, banquet lawns for the event, amusement, foodstuff, communique, plus fitness, spa. Well-equipped health’s association whole in addition to a cardiovascular gym, Yoga, meditation and outside pool will turn out your stay more relaxing. Whatever you select presents the details clearly and in enough quality, successively that customers should be clear of the point and class of service offered. Continue reading Toshali Sands: Best Puri Business Hotel

What Business Travelers want from their Business hotel?

To win their business, let business travelers know you have everything they need in an accommodation. To get you started, we’ve combed through dozens of online hotel reviews and created a list of the top business-guest requirements. Here are few points that help you to find best business hotel in Puri. Continue reading What Business Travelers want from their Business hotel?

Hotels in Puri with Private Beach: Open All Seasons

Puri the city of Odisha is quite reputed for its magnificent natural beauty and plethora of entertainment options provided by each and every Puri hotel in the region. This scenic place provides an ideal combination of blue sea, virgin beaches, and amazing natural beauty. Its proximity to the seas also guarantees the availability of glorious beaches that are gaining popularity with vacationers, especially during the winter season. Another credibility of this unique region is the renowned fact that hotels in Puri with private beach remains open all throughout the. Continue reading Hotels in Puri with Private Beach: Open All Seasons

Success & Benefits Are Features of Business Resort At Puri

Luxury hotel and resort at Puri are very well known for their richness and since this divine city is a well-liked traveler destination they supply too several natives from completely different societies. There are several lavishness hotels, boutique resorts, heritage hotels, and Budget Hotels available to meet your desired needs. There are hotels in the magnificence vary that give excellent services for traditional tourists and travelers. Whether it is your leisure at Puri or conference at Puri, hotels as per your budget are available round the year. Continue reading Success & Benefits Are Features of Business Resort At Puri

Toshali Royal View: Most Popular Conference Destination in Shimla

Toshali Royal View hotel is a popular meeting destination for businesses from around Shimla. If you are an event organizer and are looking for a location in Shimla where you can arrange business meetings and handle things in a beautiful and serene setting, then Toshali Royal View is your answer. It is the perfect conference destination in Shimla for mixing business with some fantastic leisure holiday.

Finding the right conference accommodation facility is vitally important and there are certain things you should look for when planning your business meeting in this 3-star hotel at Shimla.

  • Does the facility have adequate rooms and space for the group that is attending?
  • Can the hotel accommodate all attendees so that people don’t have to commute between another motel and meeting venue?
  • Make sure that the cost to hire the conference facility, plus accommodation, is within your budget. If your meeting is estimated to take a day and a half, find out if the providers offer half-day rates – you don’t want to pay for full day’s rate if you will be finishing at 12pm.
  • Think about the seating arrangement you will require: theatre style, boardroom style or u-shaped. Make sure this is possible for the number of attendees based on the size of the room.
  • A professional conference center should include the following as part of the overall cost: set up, hot and cold beverages, high-speed wireless internet, TVs, DVD and video player, portable whiteboards and markers, presentation screen/s, flipchart, pens, and pads. So look for all these to make it your perfect conference destination in Shimla.
  • If you require additional equipment which is not included as part of the standard rental, find out what the extra costs will be for such things as an overhead projector, data show projector, fax, printing and photocopying and/or electronic whiteboard.
  • Ask if there is adequate space for attendees to enjoy refreshments during breaks, such as an outdoor private courtyard area for example.
  • If you have guests attending the meetings who do not require conference accommodation, then you should ask if there is adequate parking space for their vehicles.
  • Find out how close the meeting facility is to town. If attendees require conference accommodation then you need to consider what they might like to do during their free time to take a walk and explore the Shimla city.


Now that you know a little more about planning your conference destination in Shimla at Toshali Royal View, you should have a much easier time finding the right meeting venue for your business event.

Toshali Sands & Conference in Puri

Leaving a positive impression is important even if it’s for a regular vacation or meeting with clients. Hence, you must find a good place to have your vacation or a location where you can hold your meetings. This is important especially if it’s going to be executives’ meeting. Continue reading Toshali Sands & Conference in Puri

Book in Advance for Maximum Benefits from Goa Hotels near Candolim Beach

Goa beaches are always in high demand as these are packed with hundreds of hotels and resorts. It is up to you which kind of accommodation you are looking for. If you are looking for less crowd and peaceful ambiance then hotels in Candolim Goa the north side is the best destination for you. If you are looking for full of activity based beaches for parties and over crowd then south Goa beaches are the best.  Many Goa hotels near Candolim beach offer pet accommodations, smoking and non-smoking rooms, meeting halls and valet facilities. Also, host wedding receptions or even business conventions. Other services include in and around Goa trips, adventure packages, seasonal packages, festival/carnival packages etc. So make your Goa hotel booking as your nature of a visit to this beach paradise of India.  Continue reading Book in Advance for Maximum Benefits from Goa Hotels near Candolim Beach

Conference Destination in Puri for Large and Small Company Meetings

Whether its large, medium or small conferences are a chance for your business to shine, for your delegates to demonstrate their knowledge and to gain some more. If you’re the company or establishment that’s been tasked with organizing the conference, the venue you choose is a direct reflection on you. Few businesses have the facilities to hold a large scale conference in their own headquarters, so there are two choices: conference centers or hotels with conference facilities. Which one should you choose? Continue reading Conference Destination in Puri for Large and Small Company Meetings

Considerable Things When Choosing a Conference in Puri Venue

The planning of a large business event or party event can often mean that a lot of things need to be decided on. Perhaps the most important aspect of planning such an event, though, is which conference in Puri venue will be used and where it will be located. If an important business event is being planned for new clients, for example, an elegant place with a lot of business equipment may be required of the conference room. On the other hand, a television screen or large projector might be required if you’re planning on having multiple presentations for the meeting or event. Toshali Sands, one of the 4 star hotel that provide best conference solutions to all business groups. See what you should consider for your conference venues. Continue reading Considerable Things When Choosing a Conference in Puri Venue