What Business Travelers want from their Business hotel?

To win their business, let business travelers know you have everything they need in an accommodation. To get you started, we’ve combed through dozens of online hotel reviews and created a list of the top business-guest requirements. Here are few points that help you to find best business hotel in Puri.

Fast, reliable internet

Every review mentioned the value of the Internet. People are willing to pay for it, too—if it’s top-notch. Ensure your Internet service is fast, reliable, and easy to connect to. If you offer it for free, prominently display the login details throughout your Puri hotel.

Ample power outlets

Make sure hotel rooms have numerous conveniently located power outlets (guests shouldn’t have to move furniture to locate them). Is your property historic and lacking in outlets? You can always provide a power extension socket.

Easy check-in

Business travelers want nothing more than a quick, painless, and flexible check-in process after the hassle of traveling. Some hotels now offer online check-in with keyless room entry to meet this need. If that’s not possible for the property you want to book then look a fast check-in service.

Transportation information

If there’s a big conference hall or trade air venue in town, you can bet business travelers need a way to get there. Display travel options (including costs and departure times) between major travel hubs, your business hotel, and any conference center. After all, they’re there to do business—getting to the location is important. Equally important is finding convenient parking back at the Puri hotel after a long day of doing business.

Nutritious breakfast offerings

Business travelers are always on the go. They appreciate good-tasting, healthy breakfasts that are both quick and filling. Help them fuel up for the day with fruit, nuts, healthy cereals, juices, coffee, and tea — and offer to-go snacks and a bagged breakfast for those who don’t have time to sit down and eat.

Hotel bar

A drink can help your guests relax after a hard day’s work. If there is  a bar in hotel, ensure it’s open when your business-traveler guests return later in the evening. No bar? Try offering a bottle of wine or mini-bar in their rooms.

Comfortable beds

Business trips are exhausting. As you’re providing the bed for the night, make sure it’s comfortable. Plush bedding and pillows made from all-natural fibers can help deliver a good night’s sleep. If your blankets are thin and synthetic, it may be time for an update that all guests will enjoy, including business travelers.

Peace & quiet

After the hassle of traveling and the strains of working, business travelers need their sleep. Help them fall asleep faster by placing them in your rooms furthest from the busy street. In addition to noises, light from outside can be distracting. Go the extra step and fit your rooms with blackout curtains.

Tea & coffee

Business trips tend not to adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. Business travelers often work late and wake up early — making it hard to feel refreshed in the morning. Lookout for that business hotel in Puri that give guests the extra boost they need by having caffeinated drinks available in-room or via beverage stations on each floor.

Iron and ironing board

More so than the average guest, these travelers dress to impress. Help them work out any sartorial wrinkles by having an iron and ironing board right in the room. If that’s not possible, have one that guests can borrow and let them know about it.

So plan your business trip with best Puri hotel like Toshali Sands  make your conference and other business deals smoothly and without any inconvenience.

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