Buddhist Attractions In Odisha

Odisha heritage Pushpagiri is one of the important Buddhist heritage getaways of Odisha. The recently excavated sites have attracted huge attention of millions of native and foreign tourist. Ever year many eminent scholars, followers, researchers and other tourists visit Pushpagiri to mark their presence and pay homage to lord Buddha.

Pushpagiri travel guide gives you the opportunity to explore many important Buddhist sites like Ratanagiri, Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Dhauli. These paces give the opportunity to experience the true essence of the oldest religion ever known to the mankind. Buddhism has been known for influencing the religious life of the people of Odisha.

Some of the other Buddhist attractions in Odisha are Stupas, Monasteries, Motifs and Sculptures that have been known for their magnificent architectural charm. With marvellous evidences of religious harmony Odisha is one of the most travelled state of India that has been acknowledged for its diversity of cultures, religious sites, archaeological sites, exotic beaches and wonderful wildlife sanctuaries.

There are many exciting Buddhist tour packages also available with the leading hospitality companies. These packages include your stay in the most comfortable accommodations, meals, visiting all the important Buddhist attractions and other facilities. So if you wish to explore the glorious history of Buddhism on your next vacation then Odisha is just the right destination for you.

Fascinating Attractions in Goa

The fascinating attractions in Goa have drawn attention of millions of native and foreign tourists for over many decades. That is what Goa is always known as an evergreen holiday destination. The spell bounding sightseeing destinations, exotic beaches and the amazing nightlife of Goa brings millions of tourists every year to this lively land.

To match up with the expectation and desires of the domestic and overseas guests there are many brilliantly designed hotels in Goa. These hotels are well equipped with the finest world class facilities and services to give you a delighting holiday experience. The guest friendly staff and the round the clock services make sure to pamper you best.

Another advantage that you get while staying at these hotels is that they have excellent connectivity to all the important places around Goa. The frequently visited sightseeing destinations of Goa includes marvellous Churches, magnificent temples, mosques, caves, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries etc. The architecture in Goa is a true example of Indian and Portuguese style.

To make you travel more convenient and organized there are a many exciting holiday packages available with leading hospitality companies. These packages include your comfortable stay, meals, sightseeing and many other entertainment options. So if you desire to experience the best of vacations in Goa that too within your budget then do consider opting for one of these Goa tour package on your next vacations.