Beautiful Contrasts of Goa Tourism

Goa Tourism has the most beautiful contrasts in the smallest geographical area. The beauty and the diversity of Goa are well known across the globe. The beautiful treasures of Goa have something to offer to every age group and interests of people. These are some of the important factors that attract a large number of native and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Goan Village Beach Resort is the most desired resort in Goa by the tourists. The spectacular location of the resort nearby the famous Candolim Beach adds more charm to your vacations. Goan Village Resort is a well furnished resort that is also well equipped with the finest world class facilities and services. The wide ranges of indoor and outdoor venues are just the best for all kinds’ enjoyment and entertainment.

The cosiest rooms, round the clock room services, guest friendly staff, Ayurvedic spa, swimming pool and the fitness centre are some of the important features of this beautiful resort. To add some exotic flavours to your fun filled holidays is the job beautifully done by the in-house restaurant and the bar.

With so many premium facilities and services available Goan Village Resort is counted among the top best hotels in Goa. So the next time you plan your holidays make sure you get the best of everything to pamper yourself best. It’s the time you plan your vacations and experience the best of Goa with Goan Village Resort.

Beautiful Tourist Attractions In Konark

Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th century by the king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dunasty. The temple is also well known as the Black Pagoda. The architectural design of the temple is in the shape of a gigantic chariot that has elaborately carved wheels, pillars and walls all made of stone. Sun temple is an important archaeological site in India that is also among the important UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the other tourist destinations near Konark are Jagannath Temple Puri, Ramachandi Temple, ASI Museum, Ramachandi Beach, Amareswara Shrine and Vishnu Temple. These are some of the frequently visited places near Konark by the native and foreign tourists.

The other tourist attractions in Konark are Kurum village, Chaurasi Temple, Pipli, Kakatakpur Temple and Konark Beaches. These beautiful sightseeing places not only give you an opportunity to explore the brilliant ancient architectural sites. But at the same time you get the change to know the rich Indian cultures and people. The beautiful beaches are the right place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the cherishing experience.

To make your holiday experience more memorable there are a number of Konark tour packages available with the leading hospitality companies. With these packages your tour gets much organised and you get the finest sightseeing experience. Moreover these packages include stay, meals and other entertainment options available for your and at the same time also allows you to save some good amount of money.