Amenities You Get From Our Top Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning a grand wedding, choosing the right venue is unarguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make. A top-notch wedding venue like ours offers a wide range of amenities to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Aesthetically Appealing Spaces

First and foremost, as a reputed wedding planner in Puri, we have a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from. There are lush gardens, grand ballrooms, elegant banquet halls, and more. Each space is well-maintained and decorated. We offer the perfect setting for your special day. Additionally, as one of the renowned wedding venues in Puri, we have multiple options for ceremony and reception spaces.

Excellent Catering Services

Another important amenity we offer is exceptional catering services. We boast a team of professional chefs who can create delicious and aesthetically presented meals for you and your guests. As a superior Wedding Destination in Puri, we can also accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten-free options.

A Thorough Plan For The Event

In addition, we have a dedicated event planning team on staff. This team works closely with you to help plan and coordinate every aspect of the D-day. The team takes care of everything from the music and lighting to the floral arrangements. We ensure your day goes smoothly and stress-free. We also help you with setup, timing and typical breakdown of the event.

No Problem In With Parking

You would be happy to know that we have ample parking and easy access for guests, especially guests who have mobility issues. We ensure that there are minimal hassles for each of your guests.

We Have Arrangements Of Classy Accommodations

We sincerely provide quality and comfortable accommodations for the couple and their immediate family. Our on-site hotel rooms or suites are offered at discounted rate in some cases meeting specific terms and conditions. This makes it pretty easy for the couple and their immediate families and friends to get ready for the wedding and comfortably stay overnight without worrying about transportation or other logistics.

Av Equipment

Another great amenity we offer at our venue is in-house audio and visual (AV) equipment. This can include a sound system, stage lighting, and even a projection screen or projector. This will help you to create the perfect ambiance for your special day, and also allows you to save cost and time in coordinating with external vendors.

There Are Some Additional Services

Lastly, we dedicatedly also offer a variety of additional services. Some examples are on-site hair and makeup artists, photography and Videography services. As mentioned earlier, we also have a wedding planner to help with last-minute details.

We Make The Event Stress-Free

All of these amenities we offer make your wedding day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. It’s also important to remember that you can also request for additional amenities to be provided, this is where our good, experienced event planning team will come in handy as we can conveniently make the arrangements for you.


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