What will be The New Normal for the Hotels in Puri Sanctuary After Lockdown?

All travelling and holidaying plans were failed with this pandemic 2020. From now on,travelers and guests will search for safety and hygiene measures as a priority while choosing accommodation around the world. Same will happen when some traveler or tourist will come to Puri. Though COVID 19 pandemic has paralysed travel and tourism, which makes many hotels and resorts in Puri to close their doors. But within this circumstance some hotels in Puri near sanctuary are planning to working on their reopening some services at least.

Considering the severity of the situation, the first thing we , Toshali Sands, as one of the best four star hotels in Puri Sanctuary is trying to implement, is to transmit a message of security and safety amongst all. Here we are saying about what is the new normality after lock-down:

Safety and Security

It is the new normal condition for all hosts and guests of hospitality industry. Safety and hygiene measure will be a priority for the guests while choosing the accommodation. Every guest will at first demand on the cleanliness from the hotels in Puri sanctuary.

  • Creating a record of travelers with their history of recent trips by both guests and employees
  • Ensuring the availability of pick and drop facility of the guests from the airport or stations to avoid the exposure of public transport
  • Providing frequent laundry services
  • Creating a protocol for epidemics or quarantines
  • Using chemicals recognized by relevant authorities
  • Training our team to recognize the symptoms of COVID19


Here flexibility means, new rules and regulations for customers while booking hotels. Because customers’ comfort should be the first priority for all hotels and resorts. The hotels in Puri Sanctuary like Toshali Sands is updating its flexibility levels on:

  • Updated our cancellation policies
  • Offered free cancellations against local, international restrictions or for cancellation of large events
  • Modified the rules for current and future prepaid reservations
  • Been flexible with check-in and check-out timings


Now on wards the travel agencies and hotels will display crucial  information on the listing of the hotels. The hotels in Puri Sanctuary will be offering explanations and advice on local measures pertaining to Corona virus social distancing and restrictions.  Like Toshali Sands will provide:

  • 24/7 medical care and display insurance services and agreements
  • A guide of the hotel’s actions for the prevention of COVID19
  • A guide of things to do during their stay

The team of Toshali Sands understands it is important to keep employees and the hotel staff united and motivated, to fight against any situation.

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