Wedding at Toshali Sands Resorts

As we were getting in our car, my wife once again advised the maid to take of the house in pour absence. I liked her and the fact that she needed everything to be perfect and go on without any trouble. Well! This thing often got me into troubles. By trouble I mean when she used to get angry at me. But I was all ready before her that meant I didn’t wish to give any chance to her to scold me just like my mother. But at times I really loved it.

Well! You might be surprised about all this and what was going on. Let me take the honor. It was my cousin’s marriage in Puri and we were on our way to one of the best Wedding Venues in Puri India. And, both of us really wished to make it up as soon as possible. As soon we got into the car, I started to gear up for the drive that was just a few kilometers away from our home. While I was busy in keeping an eye at the road and driving it really safely, the apple of my eye was busy in giving a final touch to her make-up. Ladies as they say surely want it to be perfect when its about dressing up for weddings.

As soon we reached Toshali Sands Resort the venue for the D-day of my cousin. We hurried got the gifts from the back seat and entered through the gates. With every step of our entire Wedding facility seems to be a fairytale story. Decorated in the most elegant manner with perfect choice of flowers and decorative items along with lightning the entire entrance seemed very charming. Though there were 3 hours for the wedding to begin, being a relative you have to be there before the auspicious time. Well! The entire Wedding at Toshali sands was a heavenly experience that I’ll surely brief about next time. Till then if you have some of your stories or pictures then share it here.