Visit Earliest Pushpagiri Buddhist Pilgrimage

The ancient temples and varied remaining of monuments gives us a clear idea about how rich Odisha would be in its cultural and architectural perspective. The finest example can be seen in the Buddhist heritage of Odisha. Whether its Buddhist circuit of Odisha or the other places like Padmapur, Balasore, Banpur, Kuruma, Biswanath Hill, Jauguda, Sambalpur and Naraj etc. It is best to visit the Buddhist circuit of Jajpur, where you can get more opportunity to see the Buddhist heritage.

Pushpagiri Buddhist Pilgrimage tour lets you explore more than two hundred tourist attractions. You can find glimpses of total flourishing period of Buddhism in this place. Starting from 6th century BC to 16th century AD, most of the Buddhist remains tell different stories regarding this period.

To know more about Buddhist pilgrimage you need to select accommodation in Toshali Pushpagiri, so that you can easily research by staying nearby hotels or resorts. In Pushpagiri the most attracting monuments are the Buddhist monastery, notable stupas, motifs and sculptures with whom you come to know about their magnificent history.

Pushpagiri Buddhist Pilgrimage describes about the institution, which was present during the Buddhist period and carried the same value as Nalanda and Takshila. The monastery remains are describing about this university, where the famous Chinese traveler Xuan Zang had visited during 630 CE.

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