Visit all temples of Puri at Rath Yatra 2019

2019 Rath Yatra at Puri, gives you equal opportunity to enjoy both tourism and crusade experience at the same time. Make your stay at Puri luxury accommodation and visit all spiritual and other attractive places those carries historical values on Odisha tourism.

First and foremost, Puri is famous for Jagannath temple, which has great religious importance in the eyes of Hindu mythology. It is one of the four Dhams of India that every Hindu devotee needs to complete at least once if they are planning for Tirth Yatra.

Puri sea beaches are second attraction that drags every tourist to enjoy a splendid time at Puri golden beaches. The charm of the beaches increases the values of Sea beach resorts in Puri because every tourist wants to see the scenic beauty of the seashore from their windows and balconies.

Along with Lord Jagannath and the famous Rath Yatra, there are a number of temples available in Puri, which also carries an equal importance on the basis of Hindu rituals and mythology. Inside the biggest temple boundary the other temples are Gundicha temple, which is believed as the Lords’ auntie’s temple where they used to come every year during Rath yatra for nine days. The other temples are Astachandi temple, Pancharirtha temple, Loknath temple, Chakranaryan temple, DariyaMahavir Temple, Ardhasani temple, Siddha Mahavir temple, Jameswara temple, Alabukeswara temple, Kapalamochana temple, Daksinakali temple, Syamakali temple, Dasavatara temple, temple of Seven Mother Goddesses,  Mausima temple, Chhatia temple etc. All the temples in Puri mostly have similar architectures. The changes are made only on the basis of God and Goddess different rituals.

Come to Puri and choose the best sea beach resort or hotel to make your stay along with the enchanting view of the seashore. Toshali Sands is one of those hotels in Puri; those are coming under 4 star category due to its excellent hospitality.

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