Varied Features That Make You Organize Conference in Puri

If you are looking for convention destination then Puri hotels and resorts are providing you best solution for it. The increasing demand of MICE tourism and

To start Conference in Puri, almost every star hotel and also some resorts, have certain primary amenities when it comes to a meeting location. Good audio- visible equipment for fantastic presentations, complete Wi- Fi features, LCD and LED displays, projectors, stereo or electronic sound and condition of the art emails techniques are at par with any other worldwide resorts. Seating arrangements are made and altered as and when required and the décor of the venues on any particular day are decided only after careful research regarding the matter of the conference.

These venues for conference at Puri have superb facilities for formal parties and chefs from around the world are flown in for their specialty dishes. The high profile guests who are flown in to attend the conferences are treated to the best kind of Indian hospitality, yet complete with all the contemporary amenities and luxuries that can be imagined. All of this definitely comes at a price, but the hosts do not hold back on anything as they know that the impression that such arrangements will create on potential clients will only be beneficial in the long run.

Conference at Puri hotels combines’ historic preservation and architectural innovation with state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the most adaptable, high-tech convention MICE tourism centers in the country. The tourists have access to many of restaurants, shops, cultural institutions and other downtown amenities to relish out. Internal construction of the hotel is truly mesmerizing and the facilities and technology are perfectly the state of the art which altogether allures the visitors from all perspective.