Valentine’s Day : The Only Holiday Best Celebrated in Pairs

If any festival has been ‘marketed’ successfully into the calendar of celebrations in India it is Valentine’s Day. The buzz started around the early 1990s and by the new millennia it was a rage. Of course anti-V day activists – Shri Ram Sene et al. has only popularized the celebration of love.

It is actually a commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love. The day is named after perhaps two early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD.

The Valentines commemorated on this day are Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. The former was martyred around 269 ADE. The later was martyred about 197 ADE during persecution of Emperor Aurelian. Sometimes experts equate Valentine’s Day with Lupercalia, an ancient Pagan festival of Rome. Connected to fertility it was observed from February 13 to 15.

The economic liberalisation ushered in globalization on all levels. The festival became popular, even as purists dubbed it as another decadent Western influence. Then came the age of satellite television and 24X7 tv channels. V-Day, its significance, romanticism in all its alluring avatar was presented right to the living rooms. The fad caught on. We have a penchant for imbibing traditions and despite right wing charges of moral degradation and depravity it is here to stay.

Not being a hardliner I would softly like to remind that love, passion and their unfettered expression are not Western inventions imported to India, it is very much the other way around.

Business have cashed in, restaurants, dating portals, florists, almost everyone have cashed in. Even the Indian Postal Department introduced a set of scented stamps which have always seen demand far outstripping supply come February. The point we lose sometimes is that the original Valentines had little romantic elements involved in their life or persecution, but isn’t giving up all for your belief the greatest act of love?

Valentine Day, a day for love, millions of people wait eagerly with cards, red roses, exotic orchids, heart-shaped candies, chocolates, etc for this day to express their feeling to their near and dear ones.

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