Toshali Sands: One Name among Few Luxury Hotels in Puri

If you’re looking for luxury inns in Puri on the beach for your winter vacation then there is no better way to enjoy your stay at Toshali Sands. You’ve got a guaranteed great trip ahead of you if you book this luxury hotel in Puri right on the edge of the ocean.

Best place for kids

Toshali Sands is perfect destinations for the vacationers who have kids. If you’ve got a couple of children and you’ve ever tried organizing a beach trip, you know it’s a hassle. You’ve got the job of coordinating everyone as well as getting your towels, tubes, umbrellas and other gear there as well.

Best hub for Older

If you’re a senior, you should definitely look into this hotel, which is situated near the Balighai beach. You’ve got just a short walk before you hit the ocean. You can enjoy a long, leisurely day in the sun and it’s just a hop, skip and jump before you can be in your bed.

Best for Honeymoon Couple

There’s no doubt that this luxury hotel in Puri offers the best of everything for a romantic getaway. You’ve got the close proximity of the ocean, but also the soundtrack of waves rolling on the sand for your romantic evening together. Get a room that faces the ocean and you can hang out together on the balcony listening to the waves roll.

Best for Business Delegates

It is one of those hotels in Puri, which is not only fulfilling pleasant stay wishes for tourists but also for corporates. You can book best executive rooms, banquet and conference halls for your corporate meetings, conventions and corporate gatherings. Get best technology, amenities and surroundings for your business meetings.

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