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If you are a Hindu Ritualistic then Puri Rath Yatra definitely going to allure you this time. Odisha’s Rath Yatra is not only famous in India but also get international acclamation. Throughout the year, Puri hotels are getting crowded due to Jagannath temple and the Puri beaches. Apart from Puri local visits, around Puri attractions are making tourists to stay and enjoy this divine land.

When you are entering into Puri, how you can’t describe about Jagannath temple Puri. If you want to observe Kalinga style of architecture then Puri and Konark temple are the preliminary examples for the world. Puri is throughout the year celebrating different festivals related to lords of Puri, among all Rath yatra is most talked about festival. Jagannath temple Puri is believed to be fourth Dham of Hindus where every pilgrim has to end their pilgrimage tour after getting blessings of Lord Jagannath. This is the reason this temple has high importance from mythological point of view.

The different festivals and sightseeing opportunities make Puri hotels to be packed with tourists throughout the year. You can find wide range of choices for your accommodation. Whether it is luxury resort or budget hotel or either hotels near the temple or near the beach, you will find wide variety. Among different hotels and resorts here one name is prominently emerging and that is Toshali Sands. If you are planning to visit Puri during Rath Yatra then make your advance Toshali Sands booking to get best luxury room at right price.

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