Toshali Sands: Best Destination For Nabakalebar Rath Yatra

If you are planning to visit Puri in Odisha  then must book hotels online, otherwise you will hardly get any choice for a good hotel because nowadays all the accommodation in Puri are getting filled through pre booking due to the upcoming festival of Nabakalebar Rath Yatra 2015.

You must have think, what is special about it, which makes all either hotels in Puri near sea beach or the hotels near the temple are getting advance booked form two months. Yes it is grand ritual for Odisha people and to all those devotees who believes in Lord Jagannath. Nabakalebar is the function of replacing the old idols of Lords which comes after every 12 to 19 years.

The new wooden idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and Sudarshan are welcoming to the temple with great celebration for every ritual. The new idols are carved and old ones are cremated with rituals mentioned in the century old Odia scriptures. This year Rath Yatra will be called as the Nabakalebar Rath Yatra, which is going to celebrate on 18th July of 2015.

So if you are coming during this time then definitely start booking from now onwards. Though there accommodation in Puri are available with wide choices according g to your budget, but if you did not book hotels from now even at the rate of luxury room you won’t be able to get cheap room during RathYatra time.¬† If you want to avoid any last minute chaos then Toshali Sands resort in Puri is the best option for you to get rooms easily, because this 4 star resort is providing number of accommodation option for tourists.

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