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Things for Beach Holidays While Booking Hotels in Goa

So when you are headed on your beach vacation at Goa, have you plan your list of things to bring? If this is your first time to this beach paradise then you need follow things to keep with you.

Swim Suit

As you are in Goa, you can’t hide yourself from swimming. When you watch the blue sea water or the swimming pool at hotels in Goa, all you want to dive in it. So pack your swim suit with you for more fun.


When you choose best hotels in Goa to enjoy your beach holiday, it means you are planning to spend most of your day time near the beach or just to enjoy diving in sea water, so it is wise to have sunscreen. When you surf in water you need to have sun screen may be a water proof sunscreen. So either pack it or ask your hotel to provide it for you.


Best thing about Goa holidays is, you need not to dress up like a king. Here you can be as yourself and even can more in a relaxing way with flip-flops, which are easy to manage in sand and water.

Reusable water bottle

Whether you are staying in luxury or cheap hotels in Goa, must order for more water to carry while you are in beach. As sun will accelerate dehydration in your body, you should mindfully carry some water with you. Bring your reusable water bottle that is designed to keep your water cold, so that you can refill it any time.


To avoid sunburn eyes, use sunglasses. Be sure to bring sun glasses with UV protection.

Beach bag

Beach bag is a must to keep all your belongings at one place while you are enjoying at beach. Your bag should be quick-to-dry material. If you don’t have any then you can buy sealable plastic bags near beach markets.

Beach reading

Most beach lovers only want to sleep under umbrella and just relax. If you are such kind person then keep interesting books with you. So along with relaxing near beach you can read your book.

Sun hat

Sun hat is a necessary thing that you should have when you are in Goa. It not only protect your head, face also to your hair from sunburn.

These are tips, you must keep while traveling to Goa. Choose your stay among best hotels in Goa as per your budget and have a great holiday.

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