A Diwali like never before

The lightening festival of Diwali is something that I awaited all the year. The celebrations of Diwali that begins much earlier to the auspicious date fill a great excitement and joy in each person’s life. While most of the people wish to bask it out at their homes welcoming family & Friends, some enjoy it with a getaway. Talking about mine Diwali celebrations, it was something really memorable. Living in the pious city of Puri and getting everything lined up for the Diwali celebrations were really exciting that I had always loved. And, after getting married the enjoyment doubled.

Since last year was the first Diwali of my wife in my home, we decided to invite some of our close friends & family to a dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Puri. Well! Though my wife was in favor of a treat at home, I knew that it won’t be possible for her to carry on everything on her own. So to make it one of the Best Diwali celebrations of ours, we booked a dinner at Toshali Sands Resort. The restaurant that I had visited twice before last month seemed something really awesome to me.

So we were all ready to enjoy Diwali celebrations at Toshali Sands Puri. The dinner was super yummy and liked by all our loved ones. Moreover, the entire resort was decorated so astoundingly that the entire property was outshining. Well! this year the two of us are planning to have a dinner date at Diwali in Puri and are really excited about it. May all of you too bask a prosperous Diwali with your near & dear ones. Happy Diwali!!!