Remarkable Buddhist Attraction Of Pushpagiri

Pushpagiri Buddhist Tourism has given a new edge to the fading memories of Buddhism. The recently excavated Buddhist sites in Lalitgiri, Udayagiri, Ratnagiri and Lagudi hills are the true reminiscent of the glorious Buddhist era in Orissa. All these Buddhist sites have attracted the attention of millions of national and international devotees, scholars and other tourists.

Pushpagiri Buddhist sites in Orissa include marvellously built ageless stupas, monasteries, caves, motifs and sculptures. There are many more Buddhist sites that can be explored in Odisha. These Buddhist heritage sites of Odisha are rich and varied both in sculptural art and architecture. The available remains in this region bear eloquent testimony to the extraordinary achievements of this serene religion.

To witness the exciting stories of faith and extraordinary artistic achievement it is important to visit these Pushpagiri Buddhist sites in Odisha. As they are among the ancient Buddhist settlements that reveal the crowning glory of the glorious past of Buddhism. So if you want to explore, mark your presence and pay homage to Buddhism then there is no other better place for you than Orissa.

For the convenience and memorable vacations there are a number of Buddhist tour packages also available for you. With these packages your tour gets much organised and you also get to explore maximum number of destinations with your limited time. To avoid any last moment rush or any inconvenience it’s always nice to make advance tour bookings.