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Start Your Search for a Best Hotel in Puri

Looking for a good hotel in Puri? Not sure where to start?

While there are many places in the world more breathtaking than Puri – a town along the Bay of Bengal coast – finding the right hotel can be a challenge. Thatmeans the right hotel choice is crucial to getting the best out of your vacation time.

With that in mind here are 3 general tips on how to choose the best Puri hotel for your stay:

Choose Your Location


There are basically 3 areas to choose from – hotels near the beach, hotels near the middle of the town (where the shopping area is located), or hotels higher up, near the top of the main road.


Each location has its benefits. For example, a hotel on the beach means you’re near the water. It also means you don’t have to climb stairs to your hotel at the end of a day at the beach. Hotels near the middle of town are close to shopping and lots of fantastic restaurants and cafes. Hotels on main roads help to get easy communication to visit the entire city easily.

So it really depends on what you’re planning to do and what’s important to you as to which location is best.


Book Early


Forget the last minute deals in the case of hotels in Puri. It’s a small town – and fills up super-fast during the peak season. If you’re booking a month in advance for example, you may find that your choices are extremely limited.


Try booking at least a few months in advance. And for those exclusive, highly popular star hotels, try to book at least a month in advance.


This also means you get a better room and can even save money (because you’re not forced to book a suite because it’s the only thing left).


Take Advantage of Hotel Freebies/Discounts


Many hotels in Puri give you a free breakfast with your stay. Some breakfasts are better than others but it’s a great way to save on at least one meal of the day.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to call your hotel (once you can prove you’ve booked a stay with them) and ask about any free offerings they have.


While the high demand of this area means hotels don’t have to give a lot of freebies or discounts, it never hurts to call and ask! You might be surprised at what you get.


So those are 3 general tips to help you find the best hotel in Puri. And once you’re in Puri, you’ll be blown away at the beauty and never want to leave!

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