Simlipal National Park: a plethora of wildlife

A friend of mine who wished to visit Simlipal asked for some of my experiences that I had been through during my visit to the famous national Park in Orissa. So here I am with the most amazing Simlipal National Park facts and highlights that every travelers must know. One can find numerous tour packages for Simlipal that can really help you out in exploring the national park.

Located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, Simlipal National Park is a famous national park and elephant reserve that is one of the most notable wildlife centers in the state of Orissa. The national park that got its name from “Semul”, a red silk cotton tree found in abundance in Simlipal has been turning in an array of wildlife lovers, adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Simlipal National park tours in Orissa welcome travelers to the world of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Some of the species found here are Barking deer, Chausingha, Giant squirrel, Red Jungle fowl, Crested Serpent Eagle etc. and, the most amazing thing is you never know what you might discover in Simlipal.

The amazing Barehipani and Jordana waterfalls will bewitch you with the very first look. So whether it’s your craving for a surreal holidaying experience or your idea of an adventurous getaway, Simlipal has it all to make it come true. And, make sure to take enough days off for this getaway so that you can never miss out any of its fantastic highlights.