Shimla Attractions: You Won’t Like to Give A Miss

The summer capital from British Empire in India, Shimla is even today one of India’s most popular hill stations and a quintessential summer getaway. Mostly loved for its style of architecture, paying homage to the colonial era, and for street looking on its renowned Mall Road, Shimla attractions offers a breadth of adventurous experiences, cultural insights, and an opportunity to rejuvenate within the lap of the mountain range. Here are some of the best things of this Himalayan city that you will never like to miss.

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train Ride

Crossing through the narrow mountain track, the toy train from Kalka to Shimla takes you through six hours of breath taking mountain scenery – on charming Himalayan outposts, over vibrant valleys and gorges, past seasonal rivers and waterfalls, amidst lush forests, and crossing through 103 tunnels, the toy train virtually runs on the heart of the Himalayas! A UNESCO World Heritage web site and let you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Shimla attractions  experience, bookings on the toy train should be created up to three months earlier on the Indian Railways website as seats are limited and this route is extremely popular.

Enjoy the mountain hike

Explore the Himalayan mountain range attractions in Shimla on foot. Start your popular walk begins simply out of Shimla, at the grasslands of Annadale. Visit Himachal countryside to the Glen, which is a favorite local hangout and the further to windflower Hall, which was the former residence of British Governor in Shimla.  Visit to the Seog wildlife Sanctuary, near the village of Mashobra.

Visit the Viceregal Lodge, Known as the Institute of Advanced Studies

The finest example of Shimla’s Victorian architecture, Viceregal Lodge, that has recently become a part of the Institute of Advance Studies. This spectacular and healthy English estate, enclosed by improved gardens and beautiful mountain views, was in-built 1888, and may be a grand introduction to Shimla’s colonial era. Only the entrance halls and gardens are open to public viewing.

Bus ride to Kinnaur

It is one of India’s most romantic road journeys, the route from Shimla to Kinnaur winds on the Hindustan-Tibet road, past dense forests of oak, pine and rhododendron, the Sutlej river flows side by side road leading to jaw-dropping Shimla attractions with range peaks hanging right over the bus.

Try Local bakeries

Colonial influences in Shimla still you can see in every household’s kitchen. Enjoy your lazy afternoon in one in every of Shimla’s several bakeries, devouring a chocolate fudge cake or making an attempt freshly-baked breads – and let the whiff of pastries hot out of the oven make you nostalgic.

Enjoy A White winter

Shimla remains a preferred summer getaway for holidaymakers and honeymooners, which may be a blessing in disguise for winter travelers. Return November, snow decks up the city during a white coat, and life retreats into frigid albeit charming monochromes. Forests of pine and rhododendron, that surround the city brings a unique attraction in Shimla, shed their leaves in autumn.