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See Lord’s Golden Attire in a Hassle-free Way with Toshali

The Suna bhesa, Bada Tadau bhesa, Raja bhesa all are different names of Lords ‘golden attire, which has been celebrated every year during Car festival.  This Golden Attire day happens on the returning day or Bahuda Yatra of the Lords from Gundicha Temple.

Lord dresses-up with golden ornaments, weapons even not only that, all the devotees see lord Jagannath incomplete hand and legs with completed golden arms, palms and feet. All rituals completed before the Besha of Chaturddha Murthis.

As per the legends, the different golden attires used by lords are:

Lord Balabhadra:

Sri Payar, Sri bhuja, Sri Kirit Odhiyani Kundar, Surya, Chandra, Adakani. Different bides like Khagada, Kadamba, TilakachandrikaAlaka, GhobaKanthi, HalaMusala, Bahada Mali etc.

Goddess Subhadra

Goddess Subhadra dressed up with Kiriti, Odiani, Kana, Surya, Chandra, Ghagadamali, Kadamba Mali, Tadagi and Sevatimali etc.

Lord Jagannath

Sri Jagannath is dressed up with Sri Payar, Sri Bhuja, Kiriti, Odiani, Chandra Surya, Kana, Adakari, Ghagada Mali, Kadamba Mali, Tilak, Chandrika, Alaka, Jhobakanthi,  Swarna Chakra, RopyaSankha, Harida, Kadamba Mali and Sevati Mali.

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