Reside in the Beautiful Resort in Puri near river

Nestled right beside this tranquil river with playful currents is our Puri resort –Toshali Sands Resort. This delightful sanctuary is hidden snugly amidst the thick canopy of trees. A place so refreshing and calm that it mingles easily with mother nature and her pleasing green blanket and gentle brooks. This luxury four-star resort in Puri near river houses some of the most delicately furnished bungalows which are decked with delightful modern amenities. It is also the abode to some of the best restaurants in Puri which provide a diverse platter of delicacies. You also get to choose from an impressive array of best offers on your stay at our finest resort in Puri. And to top it all off – it is situated in a breathtaking location with scintillating scenery, marked with gentle whispers of the breeze and soothing lullaby of the river currents. A stay in Toshali Sands resort in Puri near the river will give you the needed adrenaline rush to seek, explore, and cherish the gifts of nature.

Mark your territory by Nua nai River, which flows right beside our splendid resort in Puri to find unmatched solace. Go for a walk and settle snugly in your favorite spot, while the melody of the gushing river plays in the background. This kind of pleasure can only be found in Toshali Sands. So head towards our paradisiacal Puri resort today to experience the bliss of staying near River Nua nai. Breathe in the redolence of water-soaked sand and fresh leaves. Indulge in the pleasant chills that can only be felt at Toshali Sands resort in Puri near river.

Enjoy your stay at Toshali Sands, one resort in Puri near river, provides you amazing charm to cherish with nature.

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